Another midnight snack

A new addition to my pantry. Barley Wild Berry & Yogurt along with Pink Lady Apple and Chai Spice flavor bar. Yummy. Thanks @MomsMeet #FreedomFoods @FreedomFoodsUS

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…… As promised, here’s the after photo. @garnierUSA #AllNatural #Hair #Beauty #Products #HairCare #SelfCare #Lifestyle active fruit #Protein Pure clean fortifying shampoo and conditioner #Aloe extract -paraben free .. silicon free… vegan formula


After :

Word for the day

Word for the day: Listen.

It saves a lot of time. You get the whole story or the whole question before responding. Then you answer accordingly and more accurately… Less repeating. More productivity. Less errors. Better business practices. Better business relationships.

Pet Peeve: When someone continuously tries to answer a question before you can finish asking what you’re asking – and when they assume they know what you’re about to ask by trying to finish your statement… all the while you’re saying… “Wait, no, hold up…. wait, wait ….that’s not what I was going to say…..”

It’s like trying to jump in on Double Dutch . If everyone is talking… who’s listening?

Surin of Thailand

Looking for some great, mouthwatering Thai food in Birmingham, Alabama? Surin of Thailand has you covered in 5-points at Surin of Thailand-West and also over on Highway 280 at Surin of Thailand-280. #VisitBirmingham

My recommendation: Noodles and Rice section of the menu; The Thai Noodle: Thai thin rice noodles, pan fried with chicken, shrimp, scallions, sprouts and eggs. Garnished with peanuts and bean sprouts- Healthy dinner serving: $12.95

Surin of Thailand 280 Address:

16 Perimeter Park South
Birmingham, AL 35243


Mon-Sat 11:00 – 2:00
Sun 11:00 – 2:30

Sun-Thu 4:45 – 9:00
Fri-Sat 4:45 – 10:00

Great hair beauty secret

Often times I am asked what I use on my hair to keep it rich in moisture and protected from damage especially during the drastic weather changes. And while I have tried a few products, it’s the ones with Aloe that I would recommend.

Paraben Free

Vegan Formula

A thorough wash and a great conditioner is the key. Getting your comb/brush through the hair while wet and dry angled during a wash will eliminate breakage. I also use a detangle serum to help manage the curls during the wash. The shorter and thinner the hair, obviously the easier. However, I would still recommend this system for longer hair on the side of moderately thick.

For best and max results, no matter which product you end up using; It’s important to use the system that comes together for the product. Such as below, where there is a wash, conditioner and a detangling serum. Some products will also have the pre-wash along with the after car gels and styling cream that goes along with the system.

Natural Aloe

Beauty secret of the day! I used this for two days on my hair after washing. The best shine, beautiful tresses, no flaking, silky smooth finish! Under $5 at Walmart. #Natural #AloeVera conditioned all 16″ from the roots to the tip.

You don’t have to hate it

Why are people so afraid of beautiful things? Why do beautiful things scare people? Why is it that things you have never seen before and places you have never seen, frighten you so much? So much, that you believe it’s not real- or you question it- or you doubt it and what’s most disheartening, is that because it’s so beautiful, not only do you not like it; you hate it…. – Here’s to all the beautiful, people, places and things that others never gave a chance- FreelySpeaking 

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