A ship Anchored in the past, will never sail.

Have you been dating your past? Have you ever thought about that before? Dating a past, can include going back to anything in your life; be it a job that wasn’t suitable the first time, a friendship that wasn’t suitable, a relationship that wasn’t suitable, a business partnership, a business, a way of life period…. that may include things that were to your detriment the first time. It could have been a lifestyle that wasn’t suitable to the direction of life you wanted to live. Dating a past could simply mean, being stuck in the past all together.

The first question you should ask yourself, if you even consider this is: has whatever it is, changed in such a way that it will now serve me? Has that situation become something that is parallel to the things I focus on and will attribute to the success of my overall goal, which may be company ownership, marriage, buying a home, paying off debt, living a healthier life stress free etc. (depending on what part of your past that you are applying this post to) Has it changed in a way that it will allow production and growth not to be stifled in my life? Have I changed in such a way, that makes this decision to go back to whatever it was, that was not for me before; to be good for me now? Am I ready?

You also want to consider with, with discernment: Will the decision to do so, be the biggest mistake that you’d make in your life right now? In that, I mean … if it’s something that you escaped once, why go back. Was it an escape though? Or was it a temporary break, separation, departure from something that was just on hold until it became something worth entertaining, that you could give your time and attention to? Was it a case where the timing just wasn’t good? Ask yourself if this decision would be a present or a problem in your life.

Application: Let’s correct some mistakes – take out all the things in your life that that bring you to your worse. The things that get the worst reaction out of you. If there are things that you can do absolutely nothing about (such as you can not get rid of your child’s mom or dad, even if they stress you out) however, if you have a boyfriend who literally brings your blood to a boil more than 40% of the time you’re together- let it go. This is the difference between things you can change and things you can not change. And then, DO NOT GO BACK. What ever the it, is to you- don’t go back, if it doesn’t move in the direction that your destiny is taking you. That’s the key. Going back, means you have expectations. Which means when your expectations aren’t met, the blow can be more damaging than the first. Or, on the other hand, you end up building up a tolerance for let downs; which is more fatal than a bullet to the heart, when it comes to attacks on your mind, body and soul. Shakespeare wrote, expectation is the root of all heartache.

Sometimes we don’t think about all the things we ask for such as: ridding ourselves of toxic relationships and toxic workplaces, people, in exchange for a more healthy life with all the perks. Then when we are granted that, by the demise of a toxic relationship, for instance, we then go back to that toxic relationship. Stop dating your past.

So in this quest, I’d like for you to really hone in on the things of the past or even present, that bring strife to your life. If they are things of the past, do not bring them back with welcoming arms. Cut the ties and let your ship sail.

The future is uncertain, but the past isn’t. I’d rather take my gamble on an uncertain future than a forsaken past.~Niedria Kenny




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