The Mommy hat never comes off

Someone recently asked me how do I balance a career that may include assignments that require traveling out of state and being away from home for short periods of time. She also asked where do I find the time for extra curricular and community activities; which also adds loads of charity work, fundraising and awareness campaigns, along with being a mom who’s very active, in all the things I do with my child.

For starters, I will say that it’s not easy. While it may look fine and dandy, you have to consider the rough drafts. How many drafts did it take for me to get the story…By the time I’ve done everything I have to do, you get the final draft. You get the “edited version of life.” This is why I tell people that they shouldn’t consume their selves with keeping up with the Jones, because sometimes the Jones can’t keep up with their selves. Everything can be considered an optical illusion, which is also why people shouldn’t compare their life to someone else’s life that they see on social media all day.

Edit doesn’t mean lies. Edits still tell the same story, but in a way that’s more comprehensible. It’s the same plot, the same story line, the same character, but without all the oops. I have definitely shared some oops moments in the past, but I just don’t think it’s necessary to do everyday.

So there’s this thing called “behind the scenes.” In that, it’s the stuff that the people don’t usually get to see, without back stage passes or limited access through an affiliation or being privy to some kind of outlet. Behind the scene makes up about 45% of the show, only 55% will make it to the stage. And that means, you still see it- BUT, not on stage.

Now, that doesn’t imply that it’s a fake person or story with a whole lot of misleading, and deception going on. (Sidebar: I have to throw that out there, because for some reason we live in a world where we have a lot of “fake police”) Fake Police are people who troll other people status online, only to call them fake, if that person appears to have the life that they want. The thing is, that portrayal of life on social media could be just as perfect and amusing, in real life. However, perhaps it’s not. My point is, why does it matter to you?

Not showing someone a video or footage of myself falling down a set of stairs and landing on my butt- while running after the dog, while I was trying to get dressed at the same time, while baking a pie that end up burning…. does not make me fake. It simply says, here’s the final draft. This is what was produced after taking out all the

1. Unnecessary 2. The private and intimate moments

I certainly don’t want to steer anyone to believe that I don’t know sad days. I do not profess that it’s an easy thing to do alone, but it is possible. I do it with the help of my family, who’s constantly lifting me up in prayer and being such a strong support system for my child and me.

It is true that life requires a balance. We are constantly juggling, while walking on a tight rope. I’ve mentioned before, that you have to let go of the people and things that you are holding onto, that are holding you down or back. When you do that- your focus will shift to the things that matter and you will see very vividly that it’s an easy feat. Well, not easy- but a lot easier when you only have the pins in the air that matter.

On the brighter side of Things, I have found a way to incorporate my child into my work. I explained to the young lady who asked me those questions up top… I decided when my child was born, that I would make him apart of The Brand. In doing so, most if not all of the time, my assignments were geared toward babies, infants Pre-Schoolers and toddlers. As he grew, the assignments grew to accommodate his age group. That was one way I could personally it work. Think of it as “taking your child to work” With that, I didn’t have to worry about leaving him or being away from him at all. I gave us, my son and I, the opportunity to grow together and bond- while I was actually doing work that I love to do. The true definition of Work-Play.

And last, she wanted to know what I do, when I have an assignment (charity, fundraising. etc.) where children could not attend. I figured it would be best to just show her this video below. Lol. It is a 100% accurate portrayal of a day in the life of “being mom” and what I actually deal with at home with the little Kindergartner

I’ll take my mommy hat in a fascinator please

It’s a mommy moment for me, for sure and I wouldn’t trade the world for it. I always make time for my child. I’m always with him every second I can be with him, when he’s with me – but sometimes life will throw you a particular time to be somewhere, that’s 3 hours shorter than what you need in order to make it work. Again, that’s when you call in the support of family. Though I’ve only had to do that just a couple of times- it’s still good to have them.
So, here I am with my all white, lace evening gown on, trying to get my bag packed and get him ready to go to his dad’s extended family, until his dad could pick him up- and he wanted to play. This moment happens a lot in my home. Because when the little one wants to play, sometimes you have to do just that. He’s running around holding my cell phone hostage and thought it was so hilarious. The object of the game for him was “keep away from mommy.” Whereas for me, it was “get your phone back in one piece, while keeping the dress spotless! I had to resort to a bribe for candy- to finally get it back from him. And I managed to be right on time to my event. So, s\o Mrs. Hardin- this is how I do it. Lol ☺️


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