Use your key…

In 2017 let us focus on unlocking doors: The powers within. Finding and using your keys for success, utilizing resources and tools that are within reach; to achieve the next level of success, happiness, peace and joy, while remaining humble and grounded in our achievements and commitment to keeping with the overall goal.

For me, it’s continuing to be an advocate for all things worthy of awareness through acts of kindness, giving and bringing awareness to foundations that serve the greater good of humanity.

For me, that goal would be to continue to reach, touch and impact the lives of others, whether through sharing common grounds of struggle, defeat, fear, fearlessness and triumph or just by being a support system to anyone who needs it, showing love and care for our fellow mankind, making a concerted effort to make changes where deemed necessary and being apart of the solution instead of the problem.

I believe a story is best told, when it’s told in whole. If that means breaking the story down, chapter by chapter, then so be it. The complete story begins with a transparent frame of mind, vulnerability, open-mindedness and a receptive scope reference for feedback, regarding perspective; when allowing other people access to the information. I’m happy to say that I’ve always allowed that access. I never wanted to paint a false portrait of hope for those who may be enduring or experiencing the things in life that we all may encounter, by making them think it is easy. I just want them to know that it’s possible.

I’ve kept no secrets. I’ve remained open and honest about my personal trials and tribulations, my hardships in the realm of: stress and depression, anxiety and illness, parenting and co-parenting, dealing with corruption in the courts and an unfair judicial systems, where lies triumphed over truth; as it pertained to my custody battle. I’ve talked about the after affects of trauma, domestic violence, dealing with controlling and toxic people and being sabotaged in my career.

But through all of that, I’ve always shared the positive sides to the journey, toward overcoming all that was placed in front of me; as well as how to do it, while I continued to provide a positive space for my child to grow and learn without being crippled or stifled in his childhood.

However, I have only shared in part, that on some level, it’s all a Super Mario brothers game, where in order to achieve the next level- there’s a need to collect some things along the way, so that the next door can be opened. I believe I mentioned that in previous post. Those things are fundamental for the next level- no matter what level… it’s navigating upward through the hierarchy of needs or the Chakras…whether it’s toward a more healthy you, being centered and balanced, being a better parent, being a better manager, team player, professional, etc. Just like any test, where you fail the first time, you will have to retake it until you pass. Consider it the pre-requisite course before the class, and then before the exam. In 2017, look for those doors. Take your walk with a more conscious approach, and open mind, while asking yourself: What am I doing here? What is this lesson for? Is this a test? Try your key for that door- it may be the one that has been waiting to be unlocked, in order for you to move beyond that idle point in your life- or that space that you’ve been outgrowing for quite some time. Move beyond the porch in your life. Get out of your safe comfort zone.

I will play the Devils Advocate for the sake of my own argument and hope to drive this point home. I’ve once tried to put this theory into place.

I told myself that I have to take the steps away from my front door if I wanted to get to the end of the driveway. But then I said, but wait… it can’t be that simple, because if it were, then why do I keep getting struck by a car before I make it there?

I would like for you to re-read that last sentence and let it sit for a second. Can you relate to that? Do you feel that you’ve taken the steps to move away, but you keep getting struck by a car? Read that sentence again.

Just as you have been able to re-read that line again, you have been able to go back to the porch and start over. That’s the point. Do it again… as long as you’re back up, you have another shot. The only way for you to have been able to keep walking beyond that porch over and over, is because you were able to get up, that time before. To walk again, is all the evidence that you need, to show that you’ve gotten up. You’re not dead. It didn’t kill you.

Now, in accepting that, I was able to go back to the porch and ask myself (what am I doing here? What is this lesson for? Is this a test) and it absolutely was. It was a test in patience, strength and agility, discernment… a test of my will and desire to succeed at getting to the end of that driveway. But asking the questions led me to look closely at the steps. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to the steps. We jumped off the porch, we missed a few steps, we take shortcuts, we stop for long breaks, we don’t take necessary breaks, we aren’t attentive to timing. We got off course… on the way to the end of the driveway.

So, in retrospect, I was able to see why that car kept hitting me. It was because I missed something along the way, that could have been the key. So until I could find out what that was, by focusing on the steps and paying closer attention to my surroundings, instead of jumping over a few… seeking the meaning, staying encouraged… I was starting over. Once I got that part, I was able to do it right. When the car came, I was prepared. When the car comes again, I will be prepared. I will exhaust myself, as long as it’s through efforts, which continue to allow me the fulfillment of living in purpose.

If you decide one day that you want to go camping and the only thought that you give to camping, is that you want to wing it in the woods; it may be an epic fail once you get out there. You have to research your campground. What will you need? What’s allowed once you get there? How’s the weather and climate? Have you packed a sufficient supply of perishable goods and water? Do you have the instruments you will need to fish and eat or will you be eaten?

Get the necessary information about trenches, safe zones, fall offs, rattle snakes and wild animals and then get prepared for where you’re headed. Those are the steps I’m referring to. The preparedness – if you run out into the woods, just because it looks and sounds like an amazing adventure but you don’t have survival skills- chances are you will not make it. That’s exactly what life is. You can be informed or uninformed. You have a choice. Choose wisely. Be patient, giving in to the voice that is telling you that you can do this BUT… you have to also know when it’s time to take a leap of faith, based on what you already know and have. Use your keys. Be well in 2017.

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