Who’s keeping your kids safe? 

Who’s keeping your Kids Safe?Crime Stoppers of Houston Safe School Program

Image Credit: CrimeStoppers.org

This isn’t just mommy news, or news just for parents. It extends down the line of caregivers and those who look after our little ones as well as our teenagers, at least in one aspect of their life: School. And while it’s something we hate to think about, the rise of random acts of violence that occur in our schools, and communities; we can never be “too” safe or relaxed on our concerns for their safety.

I couldn’t be happier about sharing the news, that Crime Stoppers of Houston Safe School Program celebrated reaching 1,000,000 million students, last week.

Crime Stoppers of Houston Safe School Program has been keeping schools safe since 1997 by providing students with a safe and anonymous way to report crime and potential dangers on their campus and in their community.

Fun Fact 1: The Safe School Program has educated over 1 million students from PK-12th grade in 28 Greater Houston Area school districts, including private and charter schools and satisfies state and federal mandates.

Photo Credit: ABC13KTRK

Fun Fact 2: In 2016 alone, outreach through the Safe School Program reached over 37,000 students, and directly resulted in 22 solved cases including the removal of illegal drugs and 4 weapons from our schools.

Click here for Crime Stoppers Safe School Program Video Credit: Crime Stoppers Tania Cruz

The Safe School Program stood out to me because of the tools and tips offered to parents. They boast attractive safety presentations, including training to school staff and school based law enforcement officers, which assist in keeping our children safe. Our children are the eyes and ears that we do not have in the school. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be abreast, not just to recognizing early warning signs of things such as; Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Abuse, and Neglect, but through this program, children learn safe ways to combat prevalent concerns in and around school and at home.
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

On a personal note, it saddens me when aid for a child is rendered, but on such a short notice, which often times is too late. This could be due to someone’s silence out of either fear or lack of awareness and understanding of what the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect are. It tears me apart when it’s not dealt with and more so, when its not acknowledged in a timely manner or an appropriate manner, as it pertains to the safety of the child. I cannot stomach the stories I hear about “after the fact” and how there was a problem long before the present day, which was overlooked and passed off as nothing to be concerned about.

This is only one of the reasons that I have a great affinity for Crime Stoppers and their initiatives, such as the tip line and anonymous reporting, to help safeguard our children; while they are in and out of school. It instills a level of comfort, to see those preventative measures being taken.

Photo Credit: Crime Stoppers of Houston

Request A Safe School Presentation

Presentations are available to students from pre-kindergarten through high school in Greater Houston Area school campuses, including private and charter schools and satisfies state and federal mandates. (Crime-Stoppers.org)

One more thing to be excited about: News Via The Padgett Group

Ribbon Cutting Planned for The Dave Ward Building: On January 27, 2017 at 2:00 PM – Crime Stoppers of Houston Leading public safety non-profit (CSOH) will officially cut the ribbon and open the doors to the first-ever headquarters of its kind anywhere in the world. While it’s closed to the public, Media is invited to take part in this historical event.

After 36 years of exemplary service, this historical building will also become Crime Stoppers first permanent home. Approximately 150 of the state’s most prominent individuals including community partners, foundations and corporations will gather at 3001 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 to celebrate The Dave Ward Building, Crime Stoppers of Houston. The facility was named in honor of Guinness World Record holder Dave Ward for his significant contributions to the organization.

About this Historical Building:

Occupying an entire square block in Midtown, the new Crime Stoppers facility is also the City of Houston’s first Public Safety and Crime Prevention block and will serve as a hub for crime prevention – housing centralized Crime Stoppers operations, staff, volunteers, law enforcement, safe community/safe school programming and media outreach teams in a single three-story 28,000-square-foot building.

Each facet of the new Crime Stoppers headquarters will work to expand the organization’s community programming and serve its vital mission to solve and prevent crime. The organization recognizes that the community can play an active role in keeping themselves safe; therefore, the entire first floor of the building was designed specifically to service the community at no charge. This includes access to a 2,500 square foot multi-purpose community center that will be used for safety seminars and informational events; a victim’s family services room for families and investigators; press conference room and media editing areas equipped with on-site tools available to members of the media to relay important, time-sensitive information to news outlets.

Additionally and within a highly secure setting, law enforcement partners assigned to the Crime Stoppers Tip Line Program (713-222-TIPS) will have a dedicated space to answer the tip line and manage day-to-day operations.

Outside the facility, a 12,800-square-foot Harris County Sheriff’s Officers Memorial Garden will be built to pay tribute to heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. This serene memorial – the first ever of its kind paying tribute to fallen County officers, will be overseen daily by an on-site officer and welcome any and all to honor fallen heroes. Moreover, this inviting square will serve as a graceful addition to the revitalized Midtown Houston cityscape and constant reminder of the community’s commitment to crime prevention and resolution.

For information about Crime Stoppers of Houston or to give to the building campaign, please visit http://www.crime-stoppers.org or contact Rania Mankarious at rmankarious@crime-stoppers.org or 713-817-5678.

Author: Niedria D. Kenny Credit: Tania Cruz/Kim Padgett

Credit: Arricle originated on WorkingMother.com

Who’s Keeping your kids safe? via @_workingmother_


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