Is your wireless relationship running on a secure connection?

Be careful whom you link and sync up with. Is your wireless relationship running on a secure connection?

A Wireless World:

Living in a wireless world, as it pertains to modern technology, advanced smart features that allow Bluetooth compatible devices to sync with a variety of other electronic devices; can be compared how we walk around in the flesh daily. Literally… often times were walking around wireless and not plugged into a secure or strong connection. Our signals are weak, our passwords are easy and so, our system is left vulnerable to be compromised and hacked by someone who’s just looking to “hook up” to something.

That begs the question, what are you plugged into? Who’s plugged into you? What are you downloading, or allowing to be downloaded on your connection, your system; all while running the risk of a virus?

System Compromise:

We’ve seen many stories about how our most intimate photos, videos and information that has been shared between the only two people whom they were meant for; has somehow leaked itself and has been exposed, for the world to see. We also hear about how the emails that we use, along with confidential documents and credit card information tends to find itself in the hands of someone we don’t know. The truth is, the smarter our phones get, the less smart we become, by relying on it to be our brain. Thus, putting all of our information and reminders, important dates, events and personal notes, into a phone and/or computer (a person). We are compromising our data by sharing it with connections that are left open.

Relationships and Wi-Fi Connection:

When we think of this in terms of a relationship, we find that a lot this it is relatable. In that, we share these same things with “smart people” who we think we can trust, because we think we have a secure connection. All the while, knowing deep inside that some of the information is vital and should be handled more carefully and responsibly. But we do it anyway and wonder why our systems crash or why our signals are weak.

In terms of a relationship and Wi-Fi connection, don’t give everyone access to your connection. Point blank. We need to stop plugging into connections, just because they are open connections. We need to stop leaving our own connections open to the public. Those who leave connections open, you’ll notice that it reduce the strength of the signal. In terms of a relationship, it displays itself to the public, as weak signals. Is that what you want someone to think about you? Do you want them to feel that you are a free for all, connection, who shares the connection, with anyone in the immediate vicinity that needs to hook up? Daily, we are automatically syncing our devices to other people devices- in lay it could be confused as chemistry but it’s not.

Set a password and set a strong one:

What should your password entail? It should entail character. For someone to request and be given your password to access your system, your password should be the character, characteristics in a person that you are seeking for a commitment. That means commitment to you, our the business relationship you want to have, or even the affiliation that you want to have with them, that will strengthen your connection, rather than weaken it. They should possess the uppercase (important) and lowercase (maybe not so important but required) character, in which you are seeking. Your password should consist of numbers. What is the first, second and third, most important thing to you, in which would be a deal breaker or seal the deal?

Your password is the right answer: If someone has it, there will be a connection established) what is the right answers to you? It’s things you will allow, require, tolerate, and accept? It’s things you want, desire and need. It’s things that build a stronger connection. Don’t compromise or relax your standards when it comes to this. Remember, your goal is to build a stronger signal so that you can have a better connection.

And likewise, if you are looking for a strong connection yourself, stop hooking up to all these open, vulnerable, weak, compromised connections. Plug yourself into something that keeps you grounded, safe and healthy. Look for other connections that are also grounded in something secure

Set your privacy standards (meaning some things are off limits. Being an open book doesn’t have to come at the risk of all of telling every thing you’ve ever done in life) Protect your data (everyone does not mean well for you. Some people only check to see how you are doing, just to make sure you’re not doing better than them.) Use firewalls when needed. It protects your central processing unit (the heart.)

Run Test and Scans for Bugs and Virus (check your health) Set up an anti-virus (the rules buy which you live, in order to keep the good stuff safe and the bad stuff out.

Enable your spyware (your discernment, your ability to decipher who’s good and who’s not good, your intuition, trust your gut feeling. Take your own advice- spy on yourself by way of self-assessment. Determine where your biggest threats are.)

And lastly, you need to protect yourself as much as you can from phishing programs. (The people who gossip. The “Run-tell-dats,” of the world. They are the ones who throw out bait, and wait for you to bite. They stand around to see what it is that you do, and what it is that you are interested in. Once they know what kind of bait gets you to bite, they are successful with what information that can further target you for)

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