A mother’s Guilty Pleasure: Confessions of a sock lover and her secret appreciation for socks.

It’s funny how, as a kid I never looked forward to receiving things like socks for Christmas. I actually remember receiving a pair of three, one year. They were in a Coca-Cola bottle that was fashioned after the Penn Tennis Ball containers, where you pop the top like a coke can. Obviously, they were red and white and they had Coca-Cola written on the ankle. Clearly it was one of Coca-Cola ideas for stocking stuffers that year and I believe the year was 1985.

However, now socks the best thing since sliced bread. At least for me it is, and I truly look forward to and actually hope for socks when I look into my Christmas stocking. Well, I don’t care for bread either, so that may be a terrible measure to use, in expressing my love for socks. It has a lot to do with the calories and the fact that it accounts for 50% of the food that my body doesn’t digest. The other being milk. And it’s a known agent for weight gain. But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get back to my very important discussion of socks. Long socks, knee high socks, ankle socks, red socks, white socks, colorful socks, rainbow socks, frayed socks, socks with built in toes, wool socks, cotton socks, silk socks, socks with sayings, socks with designs, socks with heel and arch support, terry cloth socks… you get my drift? If you find me a rare pair of novelty, thigh-high socks, you are an individual after my own heart.

I have found a place for any kind of socks, to serve some kind purpose in my life. One of which, is on those long and cold flights. Ever notice how the cold air blows directly on your feet while on the plane, just before your flight takes off? It has been nice to hop on a plane, throw on some terry cloth socks, kick back and relax with warm and comfortable feet. Nope, it’s not nasty, so stop turning your nose up. It is not anymore nasty than sitting your butt down on a seat that someone’s sweat booty just got off of. It’s not anymore nasty than opening that overhead compartment above your seat to store your luggage, which by the way, was just handled by someone with a cold and snotty nose. It is not any nastier than taking your shoes off at the security checkpoint and having to walk bare foot, or with socks on, through the metal detectors. So, get over it so that you can appreciate why I think socks are a blessing in my life.

So, yes! Socks do it for me. And I am very aware of how strange that sounds. Lol. I could spend all day in Spencer’s, for instance, because they have a phenomenal supply of the novelty socks that I love. If they are cute, fashionable and different, you will find them on my feet. Keep in mind that fashionable and different are not in the same category. I will pass on fashion, just to be different. That is because I have my own style and I love to express it in my own, sometimes subtle, little way. The only socks that I don’t have a heart for are those extra thin, white socks. They are the ones that feel like stockings, because they are so thin. They are not the dress socks, which are understandably thin, they truly are, just a low quality material.

I could go on for days about how socks have grown to secure a place in my heart and provide comfort. Lounging around the house has never been so gratifying, as when I get to do it with a pair of socks that have the rubber bottom or traction notches. I even got a pair of UGG Socks for Christmas last year, and I can’t just get enough of them.

Socks take me back to a much more simple life, where the little things mattered. And while the little things in my life have always mattered, it’s not often that we share our appreciation for them. Especially not in an 800 word confession lmbo!! Hopefully, I have inspired you with my confession, to go into your very own closet or sock drawer and pull out a pair of socks, slip them on and post up in front of the fireplace with some hot chocolate or a glass of wine. If it’s not that cold outside and you are not running a fireplace, that’s no problem. Throw on some socks and hang out on the back porch instead, and watch the sun go down this evening. Take a bottle of your favorite mom juice, a good book, or your journal and read/write away the night away.

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