3 Reasons Single Women have a Love/Hate relationship with Being Mary Jane

Well, for starters, no matter how made up or creative the character can be on television, it’s the reality of knowing that she’s a very real girl. She’s a real woman in a sometimes, exaggerated way, but a real woman nonetheless. We watch and relate to portions of the show, while covering one eye, as if to say we didn’t see it since we were peeking between our fingers.

She’s a smart, pretty, fit, witty, sexy, affluent woman of power. She’s an over- achieving, Single woman who’s free of children, with a gorgeous home, and a fancy car. She dresses like a million bucks, she’s driven, and tough. She’s an opulent boss, who holds it down for executive women everywhere, who have a similar attitude and vested interest in persistently climbing the ladder. For the most part, she’ speaks her mind. When she feels as though she can’t, she comes up with some clever idea that always seems to get her point across. While it has backfired a time or two, the odds have been in her favor.

But with all of that, her success rate of finding and keeping a man is not as in tact as the post-it notes that she keeps on the mirror and around the house. But those are called Affirmations, and we all have them. Some of us write or record them in our cell phone notes, while others write them on the bathroom mirror, or even on the cork-board in our office. Whether you have yours written on a note pad that is stuck to the refrigerator door, in a journal or etched in your head, we have them. They are our mental notes, the things that keep us encouraged or motivated about whatever we are focusing on. They somewhat keep us grounded, so that we don’t forget why we started.

  1. We love to see a single woman doing her thing and making her mark in her profession, while dominating and breaking through barriers. However, we hate to see where her loneliness takes her through silent nights alone, in whom she searches to fill the void and comes off a little harsh at times. We are rooting for her to find love and happiness because that’s what seems to be missing.
  1. We love the aesthetics of her lifestyle. What’s not to love about a glamorous life-style where everything looks really, really good, on this side of luxurious? We love to watch her enjoy the freedom in her life, which provide her the outlet to be able to do some of the risqué things we never did and can’t do. But we don’t necessary care for the woman, whom seems to live life through a series of one-night stands, running from the very thing she wants, and masking it by burying herself in work, while committing to non commitment, and casting that, as a woman who just knows what she wants.
  1. We love to see her pull major stunts at work to get a story heard or to get a view in. But we all know damn well we would be fired, quicker than we could state our opinion, if we march into work and did some of the things she does. But she has taught us to be fearless, and to stand up for the things we believe in. And… while so effectively doing that, we still know the reality of our situations and we know the climate of our workplace probably has no leniency when it comes to breaking the rules.

So, we love Mary Jane for all the things that she is, but at the same time, we hate her for all the things that she is. Such as: A serial dater, a woman who often time engage in one night stands, whether they last or not, they came from a sex on the first night type situation. We especially hated when she took the infamous “hoe bath” on TV. We cringed when we saw her method of storing sperm. And we damn near died when she broke out the vibrator while sitting at her office desk. But we all understood the reason she had to get it out the way lol. And oh yea, her relationship with the married man- and Mary Jane’s revelation to the wife, once she found of who the wife was… Not exactly the woman that we want to relate to. But it happens all the time. And at the end of the day, the new season has brought us closer to wishing we were her, so that we could play the part next to Michael Ealy. But at the same time, we want them to match up this season.

One thing is for sure though, and that is that Mary Jane has always kept us either laughing or guessing. All the things that Mary Jane is and all things she is not, we can find ourselves somewhere in there, because she is so multi-dimensional. But her strengths seem to also be her weaknesses. She tends to prioritize work above the things that she actually wants in life, which is love. Does that sound familiar, anyone? It is kind of nice to watch the things we want to do, actually play out on TV, by a bad ass, gorgeous girl. And that’s why we hate to love Being Mary Jane.

As Seen on Cafemom.com


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