Raise Your Glass with Class. Here’s to Getting What You Deserve in Life.

Love, Joy, Happiness, Tranquility and Balance are all uniquely designed and tailored by definition, to the person who chooses to live a life consisting of substance. They all have one thing in common. That is to wake up and go to sleep at peace. Peace of mind is the single most important ingredient that’s required, for the formula in life to be effective. When and if it’s achievable, within wingspan, within reach and at your fingertips, you should grasp it and hold on to it. You may not have another chance to secure it so easily, if you allow it to slip away.

I’ve pondered over the things that make me happy in life, things that bring joy as well as the things that make me sad on occasion. I reflect on good times and bad times, which come into focus through memories of yesterday, and anticipations of tomorrow. I have had many nights when I weigh the good against the bad and I count all my blessings. I search for ways to make a difference in the world, and I look to things, feats, people and avenues, that would not only enhance my experiences in life, but would provide a priceless return on the investment of my time. I stay close to people who want to see me win and do not have ulterior motives behind acts of kindness and concern about my future. I reciprocate the sincerity of their actions. I’ve learned many lessons in life and humble pie always adorns my mental kitchen. I have learned that once you figure out what provides peace in your life, it will also bring you joy, love, happiness, tranquility and balance.

The topic of Peace comes up every time we entertain a life worth living, where we can have and do all the things we want and want to do, respectively. It is the common denominator to all things happy and all things worth working for and waiting for. Peace takes on form, in what we find suitable for our existence and growth, to be profound, mellow, meek or even mild. Once the destination is reached, it then manifests itself into a lifestyle. You will realize that peace is a critical component, as you also began to understand that you could have peace in your life, if you take on the lifestyle that will provide it.

In doing so, you may have to walk away from some things. If you have already found yourself in a peaceful state of mind, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t found yourself at peace, listen to what I am saying. You may have to walk away from some things that you truly love with all your heart. But you HAVE TO TRUST THE PROCESS! You may have to uproot some things, relocate and alter the route you’ve been taking, or change the destination altogether.

You will have to come to that inherent point of closure that I spoke of earlier. If you want to achieve peace and go higher, you may have to let go of some things, leave the luggage/baggage/obstacles and hindrances behind. You may have to turn the chapter, close the book and return it to the library. You may have to give up some things. You may have to close some accounts, stop making deposits, stop payment on the payments, return the checks, give up the store credit, stop making withdrawals and pull the plug on the entire operation, which has caused you to remain in an un-peaceful state.

Now, you are able to move some things around in your life, in matter of importance, in matter of serenity, in matter of courage and in matter of wisdom. You have to step back and look at the whole entire picture, instead of pixel by pixel. The image and the photo of what you want will always be there and once you step back, you will see it. Trust the process.

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