The Silver Lining is more like platinum than you know

Seeing the silver lining in a dark cloud, can also be viewed as, an Oasis in the middle of the desert. It’s a matter of perception of course, depending on how you file the inevitable things that happen in life. Do you look at the glass half empty or half full, when it comes down to optimism and pessimism? Do you usually see the impossible in all things, or the possible in all things?

Just a few days ago, I was faced with perhaps the most difficult decision I’ve ever faced, and arguably the most difficult decision that I will ever face in life; in which I had to process the outcome of that decision, on my own. I had to take a route that I personally needed to take, in order to reach a resolve in the feelings that I had, about having an opportunity to wash my hands of what I thought to be a threatening compromise, with regards to how I would continue to live my life. The agony that hung over my head, was there for many years, but the chord was finally cut; when I made the decision for it to play out, the way I needed it to play out.

The decision came with consequences that I see as opportunities instead of hindrances. I say that I processed it on my own because no one but I, made that decision. And no one but I, will have to live with that decision. But I’m positively assured, that anyone else who has to face even the most compact residual of that decision, will find understanding, through time to process, and accept that it was a matter of the limited choices that were made available, by which the decision was made. I had to make my decision, in order to allow everyone else to make the final decision. With that, I move higher.

It will remain my focus to continue to see the oasis, and to consistently operate from the standpoint of what is considered truly the most important thing in my life. I have adopted a mantra that helps me keep it moving: When in an emergency situation, take your Crisis to Christ. Leave it there and move out of the way, so that GOD can handle it. Gather yourself and continue on the journey, knowing that he will never give you more than you can handle. Because I know this, I PRESS ON THROUGH.

I’ve been able to find the silver lining, and revive myself through a spiritually hydrating oasis. I have found the approach that helps me see the glass as half full, more so than half empty. I have been able to carve out and craft the direction of my life from here on out, where I will not be void of the things I need or desire in life. In trusting that process, we have to trust all that comes with it. We have to, I have to…trust that when the road is rocky, and the hills are steep, the conditioning that our bodies endure, prepares us for the rest of the journey. If we want to get to that oasis, we have to keep going. Once we reach that oasis, we must keep moving. Life only stops for death, so as long as you are living, you keep it moving, unless you hear the voice that says, “Be Still and know that I am GOD”

Rest in your stillness. If we want rest for our feet, we have to seek and discern the viable options for rest along the way. Resting is good. Resting should never be looked as a stopping point, where you are not gaining or satisfying progress. Rest is required.

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