3 things that this mom has decided to do with her sour lemons

What do you do when life begins to hand you sour lemons over those sweet strawberries that you are so used to? You use it! You take those lemons, wash and dry them with a soft cloth and you dig deep inside yourself, until you find the recipe to all of the amazing things you can do with Lemons. Such as when:

  1. I received news at one point, that due to a discrepancy over the time, for which I was to be at an appointment, something happened by default. As a result, it would majorly affect my life and daily responsibilities going forward. It caused a major shift in my living situation, as it concerned time with and without my son, whom normally would have consumed my day. At first, I was devastated. However, because I knew that I must make due with those lemons, it was wise to look at it like this instead: I had been relieved from duties of being a 24-hour, single mom. Consequently, I would have time on my hand, and no idea what to do with it. My view began to shift away from the idea of being without him, to being more productive with the time, that being without him granted. When I started looking at it differently, I thought about something I always needed and never had: Time! I could now, use the time to rest, most importantly. The silver lining was that when I was busy from sun up to sun down, all I wanted was to sleep in on some mornings, stay up late on occasion, have a glass of wine at noon and work at a slow and steady pace.
  2. Something else that I noticed, which came along with that change, was that my grocery bill took a dive! At first, I stood in my pantry and saw all the food that I purchased prior to No. 1 happening, and I was sick over what would go to waste. I was upset at first, because most of it was stuff that was for my son and it would be no good, at the rate it would be dispensed over the minimal time, that I would have to see him. I thought of the money that was wasted on the food as well. However, standing back from the pantry (the situation) and taking a closer look to see what I could do with this lemon, I was able to find an amazing recipe for it. For one, I starting using groceries list, to practice and force discipline in finances. I became more conscious of the food I purchased. As I went forward, I started to learn smart shopping. I was sure to only purchase certain foods and also, to wait until my son was with me when I purchased groceries, so that I could watch the money better and eliminate over-purchasing. Even though that money end up going toward the child support I currently pay, doing it this way, still helped keep some money in the piggy bank -)
  3. I had become used to traveling with my son and including him on editorial assignments. He had his own brand for GOD’s sake, that we worked into the assignments and I loved when people recognized him as, The Prince, before they even acknowledged me. LOL. When the situation came to exist, where I would be single and alone on travels, I started to miss him. I started to miss having to stop on the road as much, and miss that a 5- hour trip turned into a 25-hour trip: (said no mom ever…) While things truly did change drastically, I started to see the rain go away. I was back in the place where I could make random, sporadic, impromptu and spontaneous decision, to travel wherever I wanted and not worry about having to make arrangements that included a kid or preparations for a 1- hour drive with a kid. Those lemons were starting to taste really good. While I still traveled, and did a lot of things with him that involved going out of town, it was a different kind of feeling when I was able to do it alone. Looking back at the moments that I really missed, I was able to direct the attention on the known fact, that traveling with kids bring anxieties that will have you stressed all the way from point, A- 2 –B. So there truly was a tiny little silver lining in that…

There’s one more thing that you can do with a life of lemons, and a temporary situation that throws sour lemons at you. Add a little Vodka, a cherry and a straw! Savor the flavor! Drink Up :0)

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