The reunion of classic cars and classic people got underway today, when my son arrived at NRG Arena, to link up with some of his favorite people, and do one of his favorite things; which is to freely carouse around, at Mecum Auctions.

The reunion of classic cars and classic people got underway today, when my son arrived at NRG Arena, to link up with some of his favorite people, and do one of his favorite things; which is to freely carouse around, at Mecum Auctions.

While I know that the love for cars does not seem to be fading away for him, because his affinity for them, continues to grow stronger; at the same time, l noticed that perhaps there are a few other things that will never get old to him. One, is being in the company of those who remember his name. Ironically, that’s it is the same with me. Not to remember mine, as they did, but to just remember his. It makes my day as a parent, that my son can make such an impression on someone else, to the tune of being invited back. It truly makes him feel special. But also, to see how the impression is reciprocated.

The last time Deon saw the Mecum Auctions Family, was also the first time he met them, and became acquainted, by way of “The Mecum Experience.” That was in 2016.


deon 1 mecum

It’s a family affair, for sure. The relationship that the Mecum Auctions Family built with Deon, has been such a natural and organic one, that it has solidified my claim, to being next of Kin. So much that, I have been able to say things like: You better be good today, or I will call Mecum and tell them that you’re acting up.” That is because, the relationship that was established, was so sincerely maintained over time, that he cares about them knowing when he has been bad or good.

mecum 1

Maybe I am wrong for telling him that he will get in trouble, but since this is my first stab at this parenting thing, I have learned that sometimes you just go with what works, until it doesn’t work anymore. Lol. So, if he is inspired to be good, by the strength of a threat that if he does not, I will tell Mecum- – – well then, there you go. Let’s run with it. But that just says that Deon sees the Mecum Auctions family as his own, and that they have showed him that they care as much. So, for the same reason, I am also able to say: “You will get to go see The Mecum Family again, because you have been, and have done so well in school today.” Or “Mecum Family would be so happy to know that you have being such a mindful and respectful big boy.” (The Reward System)

mecum 2

While Deon’s Value lesson at his 10am Pee Wee, Coach-Pitched Baseball game today, was “Positivity,” I took it a step further to teach “Gratitude.” Who better, to assist me with this message, other than the Mecum Auctions Family.

Gratitude is learned, indeed. I have noticed that Deon has been in many positions where he has been embraced and welcomed, and that people genuinely love him and want what’s best for him. They always expend resources to make sure that he succeeds and has a very fortunate childhood. They encourage him, they take him under their wings, and they always make a learning experience out of everything they do for him, even when he doesn’t realize it-  and even when they don’t realize it. That is when I get to step in, to teach and to add definition to the moment, so that Deon understands that he truly is highly favored and that it is a blessing, to have people ‘reach out to you and make sure you are doing well – and to make sure that you have everything you need.’”

I think I brought that lesson home today when, before getting out the car, I reminded Deon that he should not go into NRG Arena asking for anything… and that he shouldn’t “expect” anything, but that he should simply show gratitude, to those who have welcomed him with open arms and whom had personally invited back. Let me pause to say, this was a lesson for this scenario- because when the dynamics are different, where a career is concerned, of course I know to alter and tailor the lesson to speak to persistence, in pursuing something that he wants.

Upon getting out of the car, his questions began: 1. Mom, am I the only one who gets to come to Mecum? 2. Mom, am I the only one who got to- get to- do the ‘hammer block.’ LOL! “Yes, Deon, you are one of the very fortunate few, who were able to— and I need you to understand that this was not something that every child gets to do. And that it is not something you will get to do every time that you come. So, please do not come out of here upset, if you do not get to do it again. I want you to understand that you did it last time- and you should be grateful. Show them how grateful you are.”

Well, he challenged me when he reached Rob Meyers, Mecum Art Road Art whom

had informed us to stop by to pick up a gift that he wanted to give Deon. He came right out and asked, “Am I the only one who got this?” I almost fell to the floor laughing, and I had to explain his line of questioning. Nonetheless, the lesson was learned and he caught my Tokyo drift.

While todays lessons for Deon was, Positivity and Gratitude, it was humility for me. I am still just as humbled, as I was when we first met the Mecum Family; to have this team people, who have taken on such a positive role as distant mentors for my child. I consider myself to be blessed, and highly favored, to have such an encounter, that impacts me as well as my child, where the both of us can grow and learn from.

Today was the 2017 Houston Finale, and one to remember; as Mecum Auctions, is a traveling show, and will be arriving in () next. Please visit Mecum Auctions, at to find out when they are in your city.

And, like always, I extend my deepest thanks to everyone at Mecum Auctions, for once again, pulling off a dynamo end to our weekend. We love and will miss you. But until we meet again, we leave you with a fan favorite!!!

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