Why I Think That All Lunch In Schools, Should Be Free

Why I Think That All Lunch In Schools, Should Be Free

It may be blunt of me, to come right out the gate to say that, I don’t care about what must be done, for this to happen, DO IT! You cannot convince me otherwise, that if we can generate funds for anything else in this country, that our children should go a day without lunch- especially when it’s not affordable. America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? Should be, America: Land of a costly, home of the enslaved.

I am so tired of these salary-based decisions, that determine if a child is eligible to receive free lunch. I am growing more tired each day, hearing about how our children are faced with the possibility of not eating at school, or getting a sub-par lunch, if they cannot pay for one. All schools should provide lunch to children of these families who live well below the poverty lines. Not at a discounted rate or at the cost of discounted lunch items. All students, period, should at least have a full lunch at school, as nutrition is vital. Did you know that there is no scale, such as being a dollar or two over in qualifications and eligibility for free lunch?

Don’t feed me that ish about what’s affordable. Feed the kids a lunch instead, if you feel that way. Did you know about the scale that determines a child’s eligibility for free or discounted lunch? A scale that does not accurately portray expenses, which determine the ability to pay for lunch…and when you are a few dollars over, your child does not qualify; even though you are already robbing Peter to pay Paul, and it has nothing to do with mismanagement of finances! It has everything to do with low wages!

How is it, that the premise is… to provide lunch to the needy families, we cannot offer it to those who we “think” can afford it? Aren’t we talking about lunch here? Which most of the time, we really can’t afford another expense. We are already stretched so thin, to the max, in providing for our children on the underpaid and over worked, salaries we receive. We aren’t talking about a Ferrari, or a Bentley, or a Mansion in Beverly Hills, all of which are luxuries that can be sacrificed, to do something we need to do. We are talking about LUNCH!

I was close to livid, when I learned that a child had their arm stamped, as if they were less than Grade-A cattle; when they had a balance due for lunch. To single any child out for something so miniscule, is humiliating. It’s not a good example to set in school, highlighting someone’s inability to pay for lunch, or to engage in processes which ultimately place a child in a “category.” They are growing up, already feeling that they are “different” in the worst way.

Being a Single-Mom, and worrying about if this will be my own child one day, is disheartening. Considering Equal Pay Day, and the fact that such a day exist to highlight the need to close the wage gap between women and men in the workforce; clearly speaks to the facts and stats that state women receive less than men in the workforce. With that, you have many women and or single moms who are burdened by this being a reality or possibility down the line. Of all the things that we are to be responsible for on a daily, the ability to provide lunch at school in America, should not be one! So, don’t feed me that garbage.

Here’s an idea for the Billionaires of America. How about each year, you donate to 5 schools- a free lunch plan! Why haven’t you done that? Oh’ But you can’t do that? Because you’re too busy trying to make sure you remain at the top of the food chain. Get off your wallets and feed these children. The ones right here in America.

P.S. Dear Mr. President, Fuxk your wall. How about making the schools in America, Great Again! Get these children fed!

I don’t care if it is $.07 or $2.93, reduced, or full price. I think it should be free. And for those who are saying, dang- you can’t pay a dollar for lunch …. well, here’s your opportunity to do so yourself. Raise your hand so that I can see you. My suggestion to you is, perhaps you should pay it, since it’s chump change.

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