You Can Take Me Out To The Ball Game, But This is what you’ll need:

You Can Take Me Out To The Ball Game, But This is what you’ll need:

Recently, my Kindergartner had his first practice/training/ baseball game. Upon arrival, I noticed that I had a little hike ahead of me from the car to the field. Never even gave thought to the fact that it was a little league game, where we were not going to have the luxury of bleacher seating, as the games take place all over the grassy areas; which had been marked and consolidated, to make several fields in one. Once under the “Red Tent” (another story for another day) …we received the name of my son’s coach. We followed him to our designated play area. Another revelation marked my mental, on all the things that I did not bring. Such as, a light jacket. I am usually the one who’s always prepared.

So, we were in the designated area, and practice began to start. While I had snacks for my son, I totally forgot about myself. (something that I am sure that every mom can identify with) So, it made me go home and make a check list, of all that I would be sure to take to the next game. If you want to take me out to the ball game, this s what you’ll need:

baseball 2

Comfortable folding chair So you’ve hiked a country mile from the car, to the field and now you’re tired. It’s to be expected, especially if you are not taking these hikes daily. Sure, you can park it on the grass, picnic style, with a basket and blanket, and while that’s definitely a good idea and one to consider if you choose; I would make it my last resort.

Here’s why you want a chair: Your bum may get tired of the ground, after a while. Not to mention your back as well as the trouble you may have, getting down there on the ground and then getting back up. Therefore, the first thing I would consider, would be a nice and comfortable chair with a cup holder and enough height on it, to ease the pain on my back and knees from getting up and down or sitting too low.


Bag and or a Wagon Cart: I found these super amazing wagon carts at Walmart, and they are reasonably priced. Make sure you do some shopping around first, because I saw them online for $10.00-$15.00 cheaper. In Target, they were $69.00 and at Walmart, they were $49.99… and they go up north of $300.00.

Your folding or collapsible chair, should already come in a bag, that makes it easy to throw across your shoulder. However, if it doesn’t, or perhaps you’ve lost it, like I have lost 5 or 6 of them in the last year, your wagon cart would help. When carting your chair to the field, a wagon will be your saving-grace. It serves as a multi-purpose assistant, to relieve your shoulders and back, from carrying, all your child’s equipment. It aides in transporting the bags which may have your drinks and food in. You can also throw an umbrella on there, a sweater in case you need one, and all your portable devices, or electronics that you need.

Snacks/Healthy food: No chocolate. Chocolate will be a nightmare in your purse or bag, on a hot and sunny day. It’s just a mess, even if it’s chocolate coated something. Take things like, sun chips, granola bars, lunchables, a turkey/chicken sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a lite salad, and the world’s most famous Ballpark food: A HOT DOG!

take me out to the ball park

A Cooler and Something to drink: Gatorade, Water, A cold on (Beer) Wine, or Ice cold, Sweet Tea, or Lemonade. Whatever you decide, to prevent dehydration, you want to make sure that its over ice and in the cooler, to keep it cold and chilled. Grab your ice on the way to the game, so that it’s lifespan in the cooler will be maximized. If you have a block of ice, you could also just drop it into any bad that you have and use it as is, for cooling food items and drinks. I usually put two in a zip lock bag, and if necessary, wrap it with a towel to soak up the condensation.

A camera or cell phone with full battery, to capture photos and videos: You may not find this to be something necessary, but for those who know me, they know it’s a BIG DEAL to document every aspect of my child’s life. Wherever he is, there’s a camera right behind him. I have good intentions, that come with a motive of making sure that he is able, to see his entire childhood play out. Of course, I am guilty of also wanting to preserve those memories for myself, if I am sitting at home alone one night, while he is at his senior prom, and my significant other is on the road; I can cry over a glass of wine about how fast he grew up. But, for now, I Digress.

An external Battery: I just threw this one in here to drive home the fact that I am serious about not missing a moment. I don’t care that the other parents may think I am obsessing, because I have had more than enough parents to tell me how they wished they did what I am doing. Even my own mother and sister have mentioned that they wish they captured all these moments. So, an external battery, will be necessary.

Walking shoes: Ok, so it’s not like you are walking across country or anything like that. But if you are preparing to get up from that seat at any time to cheer your child on, while getting a snapshot of him/her stealing a base and making it home on a triple… you want to make sure those feet are in agreeance with you.

Now, let’s play ball!

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