15 Facts About Me That We May Have In Common Or NOT – Blog Challenge



1. I have major pet peeves, such as:

Pet Peeves can be major or minor, and in my case, they are minor things that weigh majorly…. Doesn’t make sense? Well, neither will most of this. LOL. Here we go: 1. People sitting on my bed with outside clothes on bothers me. 2. People who eat food in the bed, bothers me as well. 3. Men who don’t automatically take out the trash when they see that it needs to be taken out.

2. There was a term coined by my dear friend, back in the day: “Niedria Compliant”

As funny and absurd as it sounds-rather delirious, when I asked him to explain to me, what it means to be Niedria Compliant, I allowed him to do the honors. See Screen Shots Below. I can’t argue with it though, and in being transparent in recognizing my own flaws or areas which could use improvement, it’s necessary to be honest with myself.

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Blog Challenge

Niedria D. Kenny

Niedria Compliant

What it means to be Niedria Compliant…

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Blog Challenge

Niedria Compliant

….When asking your friend to share what it is to be, Niedria Compliant, since he’s the one who coined the term…

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Blog Challenge

Niedria D. Kenny

Niedria Compliant

When you ask someone for something, and they give you more than you bargained for. LOL

**3. I despise liars **

I truly feel that there is a special place in H. E. Double Hockey Sticks for people who lie on other people. I just don’t really care for dishonest people, but then again, who does? Once I find out that I have been lied to, by omission or outright and blatant lying, deception, and manipulation; I really struggle with trusting that person again

4. I am more of an introvert, than an extrovert

I enjoy quiet time at home alone. I could stay in the house for days at a time and be perfectly ok with that. While much of what I do, requires being out on the social scene promoting… and it is by choice, it’s when I get home that I love the most.

5. I hate when people eat off my plate (especially on a date)

While this may be romantic and quite intimate to some, I do not like anything about someone taking me out to eat, and then eat off my plate. If you want it, order one for yourself. Don’t order your food and assume on your own, without running it by me, that you are going to just eat some of mine too. It is truly a turn off to me.

Blog Challenge

Sharing food is a no no

I binge eat and I do not like to share my food on dates… Not if we are not in a heavy relationship

**6. I binge eat **

I go on these eating spells, instead of heating healthy daily. I could survive off ice cream sandwiches and little Debbie snack cakes and Gatorade if I had to. But then, I will go the following week on a water diet. Not promoting this as a healthy choice, just sharing it. LOL

**7. I like to play the game #LittleKnownFact with new people that I meet **

It’s a fun and exciting ice breaker for dialogue. It also opens the door for discussions that allow you to get to know each other in a more condensed amount of time. You randomly ask your friend/partner to give you a little-known fact, then you should reciprocate, by sharing one about yourself.

8. I love Babies, Children and the Elderly

Not only are they adorable as babies, and children… when they get old, they are sage. It’s something about sharing an evening with the elderly, that gives you a new meaning to life. They are wise and love to share stories. If you listen, you always learn something. They are precious, just like babies. They show their appreciation with the warmest hug and smile.

9. I love outdoor activities

I have been known to take a hike or two, canoe and rock climb. I enjoy rafting, though I have only gone once. I love to camp and go as deep into the woods as possible, just to find my way back out.

10. Never gone on a Cruise

There is a reason for this. I have had multiple opportunities to go, however I have always turned down opportunities to go, because I did not want to share that moment with anyone that I was less than interested in. Never considered a Single’s Cruise.

Blog Challenge


Beach Cruise

I love the ocean…the Beach, but I have never been on a Cruise

11. I am a Beach Bum

I live for the water. Enough said. I could set up camp on the beach and live there forever.

12. I love to skate

Have you ever met anyone who loves to do something that they cannot do? LOL. Is that even possible? Well, in my head I can do all the twirls and turns, like the Roll Skate Bounce moves that you see on TV. But not in real life. However, I do still try

13. I listen to lyrics in songs, more so than I do the beat

Currently, I vibe to Bruno Mars, and my favorite song is “That’s What I like” Also, Big Sean, “Bounce Back” simply because of the line “You Can Not Count to Ten Me” LOL

14. I have Idiosyncrasies

One of those idiosyncrasies are: When people ask you to give them a time that works well for you, to meet. Then you give them three options, all for them to respond with another option that you didn’t give- and it doesn’t work for you. I mean, what’s the point of asking for a time that works best for me? Is it so that you will know which time, DOES NOT work for me, so that you can now request for that time instead? LOL

Blog Challenge

Niedria D. Kenny

The Perfect Love Affair

photo shoot for the Mother’s Day Edition of the H2H Magazine 2011, when Cornelius was 5 months

15. I am a Mother and I absolutely love and adore my son

He’s 6-years old, and he brings me so much joy I LOVE BEING A MOM. It has been a pleasure to have spent the time that I have spent with him at home and out on the town. There’s never a dull moment with him. He is very kind and loving and he makes me cards that makes my heart melt. He is an all-around, good kid and he deserves the best that this life has to offer. RELATED ARTICLE

Blog Challenge


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