Morning Minute MOM Blog Challenge

In a previous article, I revealed a 20-year old inside joke, that had until then, remained between myself and a great friend. In the post, I detailed a set of rules…well, he typed a portion of the rules that he calls “The Niedria Compliant rules.”

However, we thought of one more that was left off the list. The first thing listed here, would also fall under that “What it means to be Niedria compliant” I hate when people eat on the phone with me: Besides the fact that it’s considered rules of etiquette, it comes as a surprise to some people, because when I mention it, they feel some type of way about it. IT’S RUDE and it still, remains a fact about me and something that is included in being Niedria Compliant.

know the rules

And now, on to 10 More Insane Facts That You Probably Did Not Know About Me:

1. I rinse my ice, before use: My ice absolutely must be washed before use. I cannot drink water from a cup that has ice in it, which hasn’t been rinsed off prior to pouring a drink over it. That goes for any drink such as: water, alcohol, juice, soda, or wine.

2. I do not like milk: I have never been one to drink or like milk. It’s amazing how much ice-cream that I eat, considering that. If you pour a cold cup to go along with my breakfast, I can almost promise you that I will get sick from just looking at it.

3. I eat my cereal dry: This is where it may get weird. I love to eat a bowl of dry cereal and my favorites are Brand Raisin, Granola, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Fruit Loops. However, and while I hate milk, I have also been known to add a scoop of ice-cream to a bowl of Special K Coconut Cranberry Almond


4. I don’t care for people who project: This is something that I don’t think I stand alone on. Projecting one’s problems on another is terribly annoying and it is something that gets me turned around. I like when people take ownership for who they are, versus placing their feelings on other people.

5. I don’t iron– and will at all cost avoid: When I can help it, I will use anyone who will agree, to iron my clothes for me. I have had ex’s do it, my dad, and friends in the past. When push comes to shove, I use the steam fresh, sanitize and iron setting on my dryer to do the trick.


6. I Love a good lesson in fairness: Occasionally, I will go the extra mile for the point to be driven home. Meaning, if someone is having a hard time understanding and ‘seeing’ the depth of what they are doing is wrong- I will give them a mirror into the situation, by mimicking it, and doing it to them, so that they can “feel” what they did was wrong.

7. Clinical Psychology turned Law and Real Estate: While I set out in hot pursuit of a degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Doctoral degree in Psychiatry; I obtained other degrees and credentials instead, and ended up working in Property Management and Real Estate.

8. I’m a night Owl– always have been. I do my best work and thinking after midnight. The bad part is, I don’t know anyone else who stays up as late. So, I constantly text my mother at random hours throughout the early morning hours- until I finally fall asleep around 6:00 A.M.


9. I drink red wine and Grey Goose: Not together of course. I must pick one or the other in a night, and remain loyal to it for the night. I don’t mix alcohols, and I don’t mix wine with hard liquor. – Merlot is my red wine of choice

10. I have a Wall: What is a wall? Not a wall as in, I put a wall up to protect me from something that I see, perceive, or imagine as a real threat or something that may hurt me. Even though in some cases that could apply. The wall that I am referring to is a physical place to go to. It’s a safe place to think, meditate, pray, cry, and focus and whatever you’d like to do to get things off your chest- and let it dissipate into the atmosphere. It allows you to lay your burdens down, send up prayers and to speak aloud, without interference, so that you can sort through your thoughts and file them accordingly. It’s a place where I go when I have a writer’s block, or when I am faced with a difficult decision, situation, or circumstance. My wall, is on the beach and it was my safe place long before it got its name as “the wall” in the movie, “The Secret Life of Bees.”

Get to know your Fellow MOM Blogger by sharing insane facts about yourself throughout the month of April.


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