Why I believe the only way up, is to Empower!



For Example: A young woman who just entered the workforce took on a job as an executive at a Top Fortune 500 Company, where she is required to lead a team comprised of all women. In a perfect world, the team that she is leading would welcome her. They would also make sure she had the support from all of them in reaching new heights. They would do this because they realize that by helping her pave the way, it will be easier for them to walk the path. They would recognize how critical it is for the woman who’s in power or in a position of authority to succeed. They would set aside petty differences and implement procedures that would allow for open communication and team-building. They would cross-examine in a professional way, to determine how everyone on the team can be of assistance. They would share ways that they can all move forward together and how each team member is vital to the unit. Everyone would be empowered.


In a perfect world, there would be no sabotaging of women that we work with, with the intent of destroying her career to satisfy ulterior motives of stepping into her position to take over. If women were to recognize other women as their teammate instead of their competition, a much more cohesive relationship can come to exist between the female race. When this is done, a powerful union will manifest within women over time. In empowering other women to succeed and win, we demonstrate character. We create opportunities, we stand in the gap, we all win! We create a different perception, from the one that suggests that women cannot work together; by destroying the one that exists and replacing it with the truth about how we can come together, by empowering one another. We would step out of each other’s way. We would stop letting our teammates promotion, success, new job, new position, accomplishments and accolades affect us, to the point that it destroys ourselves as well as the rest of the team.


I would love to see the day when women don’t have other women enemies. I would love to see them as allies instead. I would love to see the day when they get together to work on grand projects, that will pull even more women together and form a united front. I would absolutely love to see more women come together to get over and work through the unwarranted envy, spite, jealousy, hatred, backstabbing, sabotaging, and all the things that stand in the way of saying, “Congratulations” to another woman, or “Job well done”, “Way to go”, “Keep up the good work”, “I have your back”, “You are doing something awesome”, “I am so proud of you”, “Keep your head up”, “Is there anything I can help you with”, “You can do this”, “I support you” and “I want you to win!”


The aforementioned things don’t cost you anything to do. Love, respect, encouragement, motivation, empowerment, gratis… they are all free to give and free to receive. However, to work against that formula is when problems are created that sometimes come with a hefty price tag. You ruin someone’s career, you destroy their credibility, you undermine their authority, you put them in positions where they cannot provide for themselves or their families; you degrade them and don’t look at them as equals. It’s sad that women are the last on the totem pole already, but then they fight amongst each other. When you work against the woman who holds the power at the company or in the community or even in a political office, sometimes you send the signal to superiors that a woman can’t achieve anything because they are constantly at odds with one another over petty things such as: “I just don’t like her”,but then they can never say exactly why they don’t like her.

pexels-photoIf you are a woman, every day of the rest of your life should be spent empowering another one, by paying it forward and making sure that as women – we stay on top.

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