Here’s An Idea To Help You Get Into The Back To School Groove. Shopping can be made fun, for you too.

Moms, I get it. It’s back to school time and it’s all about the kiddos. It can be an arduous task. So, let’s make it fun, by including ourselves. You may be in receipt of the Back to School items list that your child will be needing as he/she enters the next grade of excellence, another year closer to graduation. But! Don’t count yourself out, in all the action. There are some wonderful deals that you can take advantage of, as you shop for those items for the kids.

Here are 3 Ways to Prepare For The First Day Of School

Why not spruce up your work space? Make it more lively, fun and vibrant. Here are a few recommendations that I found at Staples. While you are online or in-store looking for Crayons, Wide Ruled Paper, Composition Notebooks, Washable Markers, Kleenex, Glue and No.2 Pencils; for every item, that you get for your child to go back to school with, think about one that you could also use for yourself at the house as well. Keep in mind, the faxing, printing, filing and organizing that you will be doing. Take advantage of the deals that are being offered, while you’re shopping. It’s the best way to save time and money, by getting it while you can, when you can, all at once. Speaking of organizing, let’s start with Staples

Work from home? Need some new office supplies? Need some helpful items for the home, to use such as wall calendars, chalk boards and dry erase boards? All these items can be used interchangeably, for home work reminders, chore reminders, and all other simple reminders that you need to jot down as you leave the house to drop the kids off, or just to remind yourself of something that you need to do, before they arrive back home.

Don’t forget to check out Weekly Ads section as well as Daily Deals Use the Auto Restock at Staples, to make life a little less of a hassle – now that you have way more to think about, as summer ends and school begins.

Article Originally Published Here, At Working Mother


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