Here’s 5 Reasons Why My Son and I Are In Love With Chick Fil A- They get it right, and therefore perfect is possible

Here’s 5 Reasons Why My Son and I Are In Love With Chick Fil A; They get it right, and therefore perfect is possible

1. I’ve never personally had one unpleasant experience nor complaint about their food, or service. It’s always hot, fresh and the same from one store to the next. They always properly greet you and tell you that it was their pleasure to serve you, which is an added incentive toward making a customer feel appreciated.

2. I’ve never seen a complaint on social media about a bad-experience, nor have I ever heard one in person from anyone. If there has been a complaint, it has clearly been handled and handled immediately, as all complaints should be, and likely with professionalism and apologetic sentiments.

3. I have never walked into the restaurant, in to the middle of a firestorm between customer and employee, over an order being wrong or a dispute about what was ordered and what was received. I have never had to check my order before leaving.

4. I’ve been to at least 20 different cities and the service is consistent. I have never had to drive back through drive through about an order being wrong, as I drove off. The employees are 100 percent on the same page, from state to state.

5. I have never seen a mad, angry or upset employee, or one that may be having a dreadful day, who is now taking it out on the next customer- It’s likely because at Chic Fil A, no one has had to ruin their day after messing up an order over and over. So, they are all happy employees. No one seems frustrated to be at work, doing their job.

Chic Fil A has given me more than enough reasons to, “Eat Mor Chikin” Fast food industries can and should take a page from the book of management, service, professionalism from Chick- because they get it right. Every time.

Instead of resorting to measures such as “a no refund policy” and only offering to “re-make” your order right, I feel like if they were to implement a little more pride in the job, it would increase the possibilities for these other establishments to get it right as well.

Suddenly resorting to a no-refund policy, says that they have lost so much money on messing up orders, that you’ve had to implement measures to secure the money. If you get it right the first time- you wouldn’t lose money. That’s just the bottom line answer. It’s been happening for years and years so there’s no excuse. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, at least get it right the second time.

I am not discounting anyone’s demanding work in the food and beverage industry, because I realize every job has its challenges. I also realize that sometimes, you have bad days. However, when at work, you need to put your game face on and do your best. When you do your best, it shows. When a customer sees that you are doing your best, they are also less apt to explode on you for getting it wrong. When you do not do your best, it reflects in service; beginning with taking the order, repeating the order, conveying or communicating the order, filling the order and delivering it to the customer.

How many times have you gone through someone’s drive thru, where not only do they get the order entirely wrong on the first time, but you go into the store or back through drive thru, only for them to mess it up again! And they have the audacity to be mad at you. This is equally frustrating to a customer. Customers are likely going thru a “fast food drive thru” for a “fast food service”, because they are limited on time themselves. They too have jobs, where they only have a 15-minute break, or 30 minutes to an hour lunch; after-which they must return to work. They do not have time to waste on getting a burger with cheese, only to find out that they must go back in, because the burger with cheese has mayo, mustard, onions etc. on it, when they never asked for that.

Mistakes are something that happens. We understand! I can’t say that when going through the drive thru at other establishments, that they are in the back saying that they deliberately want to screw up your meal, or day, or make you drive back through, or that they want to get a customer so extremely upset about the order, that they will come into the store and curse someone out. What I am saying is, if employees slowed down a little, take their time to listen and communicate an order, as well as see it through to the end…versus rushing to get to the next person in line; they may increase their chances of getting it right on the first attempt. Listening is key. Quality is key. Snap out of the robotic way of making an order and take heed to what the customer is asking for- Because just because a burger comes with all the fixings, doesn’t mean your customer want it with all the fixings.

Here is real-life example of what constantly happens:

Me: (speaking slowly, and clearly, to communicate an order) Hello… I would like a #1…. No onion…. no tomato… no mayo…. with fries and a Sprite. (make that a large, please)

Drive-Thru Attendant: Ok. You want cheese?

Me: No

Drive-Thru Attendant: You want fries or tots?

Me: Fries

Drive-Thru Attendant: What you want to drink?

Me: Sprite

(*But I have already said all of this. However, I am not mad that they have their way of taking the order and perhaps asking questions that I have already given answers to, helps them get the order right- I have no qualms about that) But this is what happens:

Drive-Thru Attendant: Drive around for your total

Once I get to the window, I pay and take my order. I have already pulled off before opening the bag, due to my concern about the growing line and the fact that after she handed me the bag, she slammed the window without asking if I needed any condiments or anything else…as she proceeds with taking other orders. She never once acknowledged me sitting there, trying to ask for a straw, or salt or to tell her that she gave me a Coke instead of a Sprite.

She finally opened the window. She’s angry that I am still sitting there, but I am only still sitting there, because she closed the window so fast, without me being able to bring it to her attention.

This is what I have when I finally leave:

Large Sprite, which is water down from the lack of soda fountain syrup.

A #1 with cheese, mayo, onion, and tomato.

The only thing they got right was the fries- except they are hard, cold, and stale.

Here’s what you need to know:

People will wait on good service, hot food and an order that they know will be right, based their previous experiences. So, you don’t have to rush through, in attempt to fill as many orders within the hour, as you possibly can. That’s ideal of course, that you want to increase your numbers and orders per hour. However, what are you really accomplishing, when for every order you make, you have another order that you now, must remake? When you do that, you get it wrong, and you end up with even longer lines, and some upset and impatient customers.

I see lines at Chick fil A, that wrap around the store. I have never seen anyone drive off. They wait. ¬†Whereas at other establishments, they are constantly driving off. My guess is, they say it’s not worth waiting for.

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