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Here’s why I don’t always post in real time, and a must read, as to why you should think about it

Simply put, I don’t always post to social sites, using real-time images or information. Because, I don’t want to and I don’t like to. This is because I have had the unfortunate pleasure, of being cyber-stalked and harassed beyond belief; in which it carried over into my life, causing an array of problems.

Consequently, I had to abruptly come to the realization, that there are people in the world, who are trolling your social media sites, just to find out where you are and what you are doing, at that very moment. What’s so terribly wrong with that? Especially when that is your line of work. Well, nothing. Except one very important thing. Their intent is not always pure. They are not always there as a sincere and genuine fan of your work, supporter of your work, or someone who wants to “follow” you. It’s to “collect information” a lot of times, and the motives behind doing so, are ill-willed.

Once I realized this, I used it to my advantage. Beginning a few years ago, I decided to give those roaches the run of their life, leading them on a roller coaster of “Where the eff is she really at today.” If I could have just seen their faces, when I’d broadcast 3-4 different events that I would be attending, all of which began at the same time; only for me to never appear at either, but rather, end up somewhere else, altogether. Then I shared it on social media the following day!

It worked in my favor, because I quickly realized that when I did not post anything about what I was about to do, my stalker had no time to strategically and maliciously make phone calls ahead of time, to those establishments, organizations, businesses or companies; for which I was working press or organizing an event. Whereas, prior to me becoming aware of what they had been doing, they were combing my social media daily, to find out where I would be, and what event I had planned. They would make phone calls and in a few cases, send emails to organizers, in an attempt to sabotage my work. They would feed them garbage, to slander my name and assasnate my character.

Fortunately for me, I had a few real ones, who notified me of what was happening. I was perplexed, as to why someone would stoop so low; both being highly educated professionals, with higher degrees of education and licenses for the work they did. One of which was an attorney, Houston based- who was extremely obsessed with everything I did from day to day. He made his life and career at that moment, about what I was doing, daily.

He and his accomplice went so far as to have me “fired” from and Modern Mom Blog, which I wrote for in 2013; by stating that I was a criminal. Did they do any research to find out the truth? Unfortunately, no they didn’t. However, many months later, the truth was revealed to me through an insider. A lot of companies, and in this case, a blog site, will take the word of someone they feel is a “credible source” such as an attorney. GO FIGURE. Arguably, the biggest liars known to man, is somehow seen as credible. But the truth is, when you throw around legal jargon with lay people, making threats to sue them or put them out of business, unless they fire one of their writers for talking about things that are happening, in their personal life ….it works. At least in those two cases it did. You don’t do a criminal background check to write for these blog sites, so how weird would it be for them to suddenly and randomly ask for one, without a reason, right? (which I would have gladly given if asked and informed) So, the easiest thing to do, is for them to just wash their hand and back out of an affiliation with you, when something like this occurs. Especially in the case of Modern Mom, where you have a well-known celebrity, as the owner.

IMG_1637When I began to write for other platforms, I took the smart approach. I decided to get in front of the problem. I went directly to the editors from that point. I informed them as to what was going on, and prepared them for what to expect. I also began to speak-out about it in my blogs. I disclosed to editors and owners, how I was being stalked, harassed, and sabotaged. I detailed exactly what was happening and why, once I realized who was at the core of it. I related that these two obsessed beings, were so enthralled in destroying me, that they were making calls, sending falsified letters, erroneous documents via mail and email to companies etc., using scare tactics to get me fired and to discredit my work.

Two platforms agreed to allow me to show them, with creating false campaigns, just to sit back and wait for the villains to make their move. It worked like a charm. One after the next, we were knocking them down and laughing in the writer’s room. Their efforts were relentless. However, after one last attempt at another site I was writing for (a site I shall not name) they ceased fire. Obviously, the editor did speak about it in a not so tell-all, kind of way, taking a diplomatic approach, I was able to figure out what the conversation was all about. I am happy to still be a writer on their platform today.

Here’s what I want you to take from this: This may be a story about how two extremely boring individuals, equally yoked in bitterness, malice and sadness, who had nothing else better to do, tried to destroy me and perhaps still are. But it can happen to anyone. Perhaps not to this extreme, but I will say that I didn’t think it would be this extreme either in the beginning. So, you just don’t know. I had to think about the fact that I have a small child, and at any moment, he could be with me on any one of my escapades, having an enjoyable time and we could have been ambushed. When people go the lengths that these two individuals went, you can’t trust their next move. It’s also a testament to the fact that, not only street thugs, gangsters and low-life people pull this kind of stuff. In fact, they don’t usually have the means or resources. It takes skill to do what these two individuals did. It took someone knowledgeable enough about the law, the script to use when scaring off these companies and causing them to raise a brow at me.

Fortunately, I found a way to make it work for me early-on. But unfortunately, it took a couple of lost assignments and platforms before it happened. In hindsight, I harbor no feeling of hostility toward those companies, as I know they were in between a rock and a hard place at the time, in trying to maintain confidentiality with their “credible source” and myself. In the case of blogging, we were not bound to any agreement. And that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Everyone doesn’t have good intentions, and I consider myself to be very astute to that fact now. Especially, since I have learned of so many others, of which this has also happened to. I’m consciously aware that all people are not good people, so in my line of work and in my day to day, I have found a means to deal with it. I continue to mix it up every now and then, just so that I can keep them guessing, while I keep on moving!

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Dear Readers, Lets Get This Basic Stuff Out Of The Way

I do solemnly swear to bring you content from the most interesting and not so interesting parts of my world, that everyone and no one at the same time, would possibly want to hear all about, to include: Past, Present and Future hopefuls, as well as those that didn’t make it on a brain numbing reality show and stories which wouldn’t possibly make it to a theater near you, anytime soon; due to extreme language and content that has placed it on a (what to do with this) list, until a rating can be created for approval of its release.

I will also do my best to see to it that the sentence that precedes this one, is the last run on sentence that you will ever read again. If I fail, charge it to my head and not my heart. No, actually charge it to the University that I graduated from. It wouldn’t be the first time they billed me for an education that has yet to equal the pay I made in Corporate America.

It is my humble desire and number one goal to make you happy, smile, laugh, cry, relate, and never be offended. Should you find something offensive, read it again, until you realize that I am not smart enough to offend anyone and that there’s a strong possibility that you over analyzed it and read it all wrong. If you are still offended, then please accept my deepest condolence in advance, for your dead heart. I mean, my deepest and most sincere apologies, for it is never my intent to make you think outside the box. Should I find myself in a position where I cannot share anything exciting, I will make it a point to mess up along the way, just so that I can show you that I am perfectly imperfect and extremely apologetic for being so. I’ve found that to be an excellent crutch and makes a great fall back plan in life. In fact, I am writing a course right now, titled: 101 ways to completely overrate your failures, so that sympathy will get you a good grade.

This is my first time on the Mommy-Merry-Go-Round, so I will depend on all of you to pick me up after the swift turns have thrown me from the ride, discombobulated and confused me. But only after you’ve had a good laugh about me being oblivious about “what just happened”. The contingency here is, so long as you assist me back to life, you have the right to laugh out loud.

Every day is a tryout. In my world, the ten-step program is learning to count down to one, after my child has asked me, why? more than 10 times in 20 minutes. I have this thing called MB, Mommy Brain – was diagnosed with it on December 24th, 2010 and I have had it for 6.5 years. Well, 6 years 5 months and 12 days and I was told that its malignant, invasive and uncontrollable, but that I will live – and I will live with it for the rest of my life. When I use big words out of context, it’s because I have been entertaining a kid who seems to be smarter than me, and it’s just my desperate attempt at assuring and affirming to myself, that I am still intelligent.

It is my intent to balance the universe, by showing you who the real wonder women are in the world and what our costumes look like, even if it does include an apron with words “All I Need Is Wine, stitched across the front.

You are going to see days where I walk in a pretty high stiletto, because I can’t find the other one, and other days, I will be seen in sandals or flip flops. There will be days where I simply don’t feel like wearing any shoes at all. I have flaws, but all of them are flawless. My little dirty secret is that I own a large Beauty Queen Crown.(A real one) I purchased it for myself when I turned 39 last year, to remind me that I am Queen. At least in my castle. I can’t say that too loud because I don’t want the beehive after me.

I will do my best to lead you blindly, under my classic old maid frames, which are in dire need of replacing. I hope to connect with like-minded people who also mess up this thing called life, on a daily- just so that I can be reminded of how extraordinarily normal, I am.

Should you agree that I live a very boring life, I invite you to call me so that you can tell me all about yours. If you follow, I follow back. If you lead, I will follow. If you follow, I will turn around and ask you, where are we going?

Disclaimer: I realize that there are commas in the above manifesto, in places it shouldn’t me. I realize that it was random and all over the place. I realize that some people never made it to this disclaimer.

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Why Moving Out Of My Home Was Bitter Sweet and Why My New Situation Is Sweet As Pie

I moved into my home, in the Sienna Plantation Subdivision of Sugarland, Texas; in April of 2012. I had every intention of making it home for at least the following 5 years. I wanted a place for my son to grow, to call his own and to run around with all the freedom a One-Year old could want. I wanted a community, where extra-curricular activities, in a family-oriented environment and a family-friendly neighborhood; were in plethora. I wanted the security of knowing that my son was in a safe neighborhood (as safe as it could be anyway – little to no crime) and in a home where he had a large backyard, to run wild in the grass. I thought of that land that our home sat on when I was in grade school, and how we could go outside in the backyard and have the time of our life, without being in harm’s way. I wanted this for my child.

I accomplished that when I picked out the house, April of that year. Even though the move was a sudden and quick move, only looking at two other homes before deciding on this one, I was completely satisfied. I found the house on a Friday and I had moved in within a week. When I looked at this house, I saw myself in the kitchen being able to see the entire backyard, as my child was playing outside.

As I walked through the downstairs, admiring the open kitchen and bar area, the entertainment living room, which had floor to ceiling windows that stretched over 16 feet, allowing natural light to illuminate the entire downstairs area; I settled at the fireplace. I gazed over the backyard, from corner to corner, while standing indoors, at the fireplace. The whole back of the home, was wide-open. I envisioned a flat screen TV above the fireplace, accompanied by fancy art, which would anchor both sides for symmetrical purpose. I am a person who often seek balance, and it penetrates each part of my life. The living room was just one. I fancied the idea of raw paintings, that would adorn the collar bones of the home.

The walls had yet to be painted. Just the way I like it… A blank canvas. I knew that I wouldn’t paint them either, because there’s something about the look of clean, white walls, throughout a wide-open home. I took noticed the multiple options that I had, for placement of family portraits and moments, which would be captured between my son and me, for the duration of our stay.

I moved beyond the living room, into the downstairs Master Bedroom, which had a window seat and another large, open window area. It was just the right size, just what I was used to. The Master-Bath was to my liking, as well as the walk-in closet that would support alllll the clothes, shoes and purses that I would be bringing. From there, I moved throughout the breakfast area and dining room, just before heading upstairs. Once upstairs, on the catwalk, I had a choice to go left or right to decide which room would suit my son. But I took a pause, for that breath-taking moment, as I looked down, over the living area. The tall windows allowed me to see beyond the fence in the backyard, into the bayou. The privacy was just what I needed.

I took the right… Headed right to the room that I knew would be perfect for the little one. It was just off the open play area, where if I were downstairs in the living room, I could look up and see him always. The other side of the house, seated two additional bedrooms and a full-sized bath. So, there I was. 4 bedrooms, large walk-in closets, plenty of room, open kitchen, entertainment living-room, dining area, breakfast area, large laundry, open floor plan with lots of natural light, large, fenced-in backward, 2 car garages and the home was located at the end of the street, last house in the circle… on Story Book Trail. I was good. I was home.

Fast forward 5 years later, after I had hung my coat, and settled in over the years, making this home my resting place; I wondered through some old photos. It reminded me of the first day that I moved in. I sat in that timeless moment of nostalgia. I cried, I laughed, I danced. I thought about the reality of it being March 2017, and how the close of my custody trial had also brought a close to my story, on Story Book Trail. I would be moving out of the home in a week. I needed to get away. I thought about some not so great moments that happened in the home, which caused me to view to home a little differently, 1-year into being there. I loved the home, but shortly after I moved in and only after I revealed my address, some random acts of vandalism began to occur. At that moment, I wanted out of the house, but I had to make the best of the unpleasant situation and remain put, until the time was right to leave.

I was getting so much negative energy about being able to live in such a lovely home, (how could she afford it, that’s not her home, who’s paying for her home, it must be a rental or did she purchase it, she doesn’t have a job, she needs to get a job). (And the best one of all, “she’s using child support money to pay for it” ALTHOUGH, I wasn’t getting child support, I was paying child support) and all of this was creating a ball of hate, which was beginning to grow legs, arms, eyes and vicious teeth. It was hovering over my life unwarranted. It was crawling through my home, disturbing my peace. It was killing the spirit of joy throughout the walls of my home. Every time I looked around, something else was occurring.

It was almost like watching an apple decay. A beautiful apple, turning from red to black. From plump, to a soft and fetal position. A series of events were tarnishing my home. From break ins while I was out of town, to tampering with my phone lines and security systems, to people showing up disguised as delivery services and phone company representatives, who only wanted to get inside my home to plant wires… to the home being rummaged through while I was away. Even installing a security system didn’t work, because through the phone lines and my computer, my space had been invaded, violated and my privacy was destroyed.

But then I thought to myself, this is the 5th year, and all that I had planned for. Everything that was pushing me away from that home, was pushing me into the direction of something so much greater. I did not understand while it was happening. But I understand it now. I understood it while I was packing up and getting ready for greater. I had my last dance with the home, entertaining my son and his friends as they ran about outside, playing in water wars and washing the cars. I had my last rendezvous with the home the last night over a bottle of wine. I had my last affair with the home as I sat in the soaker. I walked the home corner to corner, as I had done when I moved in, taking in all the precious moments that were spent there- from room to room. I sat in each room and prayed. I walked upstairs and downstairs closing all the doors, as you would, a book once finished. I turned off all the lights, disconnected all services, closed all the blinds and locked the door for the last time. I was smiling and I never looked back, as I drove away.

Had I moved, prior to the season for me to move, I would be in a repeat situation. I am convinced, that it was by purpose, that I remained in that house until all the court hoopla came to a head, where I was then able to move at my leisure, unbothered and unfollowed. GOD is still good.

“There is always a sign that Precedes the move of GOD” That was the sound of those doors locking, one last time. That was the sound of me driving away from Story Book Trail, as that story was over.

Walking out of the house, I could hear only “One Sound.” That was the sound of “The Anthem” featuring Gospel Singer, William Murphy and the Full Baptist Church. Halleluiah, you have won the victory. You have won it all for me. Death could not hold you down, you are the risen king, seated in majesty, you are the risen King! I am grateful that GOD kept me in the valley, hid me from the rain… forever, he will reign.

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Good Sportsmanship Should Be Practiced On And Off The Field

Not too long ago, in fact, about a week or so, I wrote about being prepared for the Little League, by getting it all together at the Pee Wee, Coach Pitch Baseball game. I attended my son’s first practice/training/baseball game with i9 Sports. After-which, he was chosen to receive a value, recognition award. I was impressed that my son walked away with a medal to wear around his neck, to remind him of what happens, when he does good. He was also rewarded with a yard sign, to display his achievement. That also came along with some cool coupons for local use, for his efforts in practicing “good listening” and sportsmanship at his first practice/game.

From week to week, the little ones will have an opportunity to earn a different medal of honor, of Pee Wee Sportsmanship Value, from i9Sports. It was very encouraging to see that another group of people, outside of his family, vested so much in trying to make all the little ones feel good and do better. I overheard the coaches on many occasions at the practice, motivating all the children, while diligently teaching them the how to play and succeed at the game.


There are many ways to practice good sportsmanship toward your team and your opponents. It’s “Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others.”

I was overwhelmed by the friendly hospitality that the coaches, the children, and the parents displayed and shower to one another, including myself; extending greetings and making everyone feel included. It truly felt like a family orientated outing, where everyone already knew one another other to attending the game. It was important to me, as a mom, that everyone there, coaches included; would set good examples for the behavior that they expected from the little ones. Meaning, practicing what they were teaching and leading by example, and to be the example of what a team with a cohesive relationship can accomplish together. When everyone works together, to achieve positive results, everyone wins. It was a Lights, Camera… “Action” moment, where the performance was astounding.

Furthermore, it was comforting to me, as a mother raising a boy…to see how well the children got along with the girls, who were on the same team. What I remember most, was how nice it was to see all the children play together, without boundaries. Overall, the most valuable lesson to walk away with from that Saturday, (at least to me) was if you build it, they will come. Establish a foundation, Build a structure on that foundation, which is rooted in and anchored in kindness. The children will come, and so will the coaches, who agree in nurturing the minds of what we refer to as, the future. The Children.

It was also a refreshing update on my child’s growth in social activities, where he emulated everything from having a winning spirit, and playing together, to congratulating and encouraging his opponents. When I think of Sportsmanship, it doesn’t just start and begin with the Pee-Wee league. While you learn the core values there, you should build upon them, as you grow into a teenager and an adult. In learning good sportsmanship as a child, and garnering the lessons that are taught – you learn ways to apply it to any situation, that may call for the need of working together. There are many ways to practice good sportsmanship toward your team and your opponents. It’s “Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others.” With regards to sports, as the term is mostly used, it would not be showing good sportsmanship, to punish someone by acting out against them, if they won a game. In being fair and exercising good sportsmanship, you congratulate the opponent on a well-played game.

Moving forward with the games ahead, and seeing how much interest that my son has taken to the game, it has become priority to me, that he doesn’t miss an opportunity to be there. In being a good sport and practicing what I preach, I will be sure to set the example of practicing good sportsmanship myself. In doing so, I have set aside the things that I want him to do, in exchange for the things that his father wants him to do. In a grand attempt toward working together. Despite the reasons that I feel my sons father may have signed him up to play a sport on weekends that belong to me, I think that when you take one for the team, it’s showing that you want your team to win. See you at the Ball Park.

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The reunion of classic cars and classic people got underway today, when my son arrived at NRG Arena, to link up with some of his favorite people, and do one of his favorite things; which is to freely carouse around, at Mecum Auctions.

The reunion of classic cars and classic people got underway today, when my son arrived at NRG Arena, to link up with some of his favorite people, and do one of his favorite things; which is to freely carouse around, at Mecum Auctions.

While I know that the love for cars does not seem to be fading away for him, because his affinity for them, continues to grow stronger; at the same time, l noticed that perhaps there are a few other things that will never get old to him. One, is being in the company of those who remember his name. Ironically, that’s it is the same with me. Not to remember mine, as they did, but to just remember his. It makes my day as a parent, that my son can make such an impression on someone else, to the tune of being invited back. It truly makes him feel special. But also, to see how the impression is reciprocated.

The last time Deon saw the Mecum Auctions Family, was also the first time he met them, and became acquainted, by way of “The Mecum Experience.” That was in 2016.


deon 1 mecum

It’s a family affair, for sure. The relationship that the Mecum Auctions Family built with Deon, has been such a natural and organic one, that it has solidified my claim, to being next of Kin. So much that, I have been able to say things like: You better be good today, or I will call Mecum and tell them that you’re acting up.” That is because, the relationship that was established, was so sincerely maintained over time, that he cares about them knowing when he has been bad or good.

mecum 1

Maybe I am wrong for telling him that he will get in trouble, but since this is my first stab at this parenting thing, I have learned that sometimes you just go with what works, until it doesn’t work anymore. Lol. So, if he is inspired to be good, by the strength of a threat that if he does not, I will tell Mecum- – – well then, there you go. Let’s run with it. But that just says that Deon sees the Mecum Auctions family as his own, and that they have showed him that they care as much. So, for the same reason, I am also able to say: “You will get to go see The Mecum Family again, because you have been, and have done so well in school today.” Or “Mecum Family would be so happy to know that you have being such a mindful and respectful big boy.” (The Reward System)

mecum 2

While Deon’s Value lesson at his 10am Pee Wee, Coach-Pitched Baseball game today, was “Positivity,” I took it a step further to teach “Gratitude.” Who better, to assist me with this message, other than the Mecum Auctions Family.

Gratitude is learned, indeed. I have noticed that Deon has been in many positions where he has been embraced and welcomed, and that people genuinely love him and want what’s best for him. They always expend resources to make sure that he succeeds and has a very fortunate childhood. They encourage him, they take him under their wings, and they always make a learning experience out of everything they do for him, even when he doesn’t realize it-  and even when they don’t realize it. That is when I get to step in, to teach and to add definition to the moment, so that Deon understands that he truly is highly favored and that it is a blessing, to have people ‘reach out to you and make sure you are doing well – and to make sure that you have everything you need.’”

I think I brought that lesson home today when, before getting out the car, I reminded Deon that he should not go into NRG Arena asking for anything… and that he shouldn’t “expect” anything, but that he should simply show gratitude, to those who have welcomed him with open arms and whom had personally invited back. Let me pause to say, this was a lesson for this scenario- because when the dynamics are different, where a career is concerned, of course I know to alter and tailor the lesson to speak to persistence, in pursuing something that he wants.

Upon getting out of the car, his questions began: 1. Mom, am I the only one who gets to come to Mecum? 2. Mom, am I the only one who got to- get to- do the ‘hammer block.’ LOL! “Yes, Deon, you are one of the very fortunate few, who were able to— and I need you to understand that this was not something that every child gets to do. And that it is not something you will get to do every time that you come. So, please do not come out of here upset, if you do not get to do it again. I want you to understand that you did it last time- and you should be grateful. Show them how grateful you are.”

Well, he challenged me when he reached Rob Meyers, Mecum Art Road Art whom

had informed us to stop by to pick up a gift that he wanted to give Deon. He came right out and asked, “Am I the only one who got this?” I almost fell to the floor laughing, and I had to explain his line of questioning. Nonetheless, the lesson was learned and he caught my Tokyo drift.

While todays lessons for Deon was, Positivity and Gratitude, it was humility for me. I am still just as humbled, as I was when we first met the Mecum Family; to have this team people, who have taken on such a positive role as distant mentors for my child. I consider myself to be blessed, and highly favored, to have such an encounter, that impacts me as well as my child, where the both of us can grow and learn from.

Today was the 2017 Houston Finale, and one to remember; as Mecum Auctions, is a traveling show, and will be arriving in () next. Please visit Mecum Auctions, at to find out when they are in your city.

And, like always, I extend my deepest thanks to everyone at Mecum Auctions, for once again, pulling off a dynamo end to our weekend. We love and will miss you. But until we meet again, we leave you with a fan favorite!!!

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Raise Your Glass with Class. Here’s to Getting What You Deserve in Life.

Love, Joy, Happiness, Tranquility and Balance are all uniquely designed and tailored by definition, to the person who chooses to live a life consisting of substance. They all have one thing in common. That is to wake up and go to sleep at peace. Peace of mind is the single most important ingredient that’s required, for the formula in life to be effective. When and if it’s achievable, within wingspan, within reach and at your fingertips, you should grasp it and hold on to it. You may not have another chance to secure it so easily, if you allow it to slip away.

I’ve pondered over the things that make me happy in life, things that bring joy as well as the things that make me sad on occasion. I reflect on good times and bad times, which come into focus through memories of yesterday, and anticipations of tomorrow. I have had many nights when I weigh the good against the bad and I count all my blessings. I search for ways to make a difference in the world, and I look to things, feats, people and avenues, that would not only enhance my experiences in life, but would provide a priceless return on the investment of my time. I stay close to people who want to see me win and do not have ulterior motives behind acts of kindness and concern about my future. I reciprocate the sincerity of their actions. I’ve learned many lessons in life and humble pie always adorns my mental kitchen. I have learned that once you figure out what provides peace in your life, it will also bring you joy, love, happiness, tranquility and balance.

The topic of Peace comes up every time we entertain a life worth living, where we can have and do all the things we want and want to do, respectively. It is the common denominator to all things happy and all things worth working for and waiting for. Peace takes on form, in what we find suitable for our existence and growth, to be profound, mellow, meek or even mild. Once the destination is reached, it then manifests itself into a lifestyle. You will realize that peace is a critical component, as you also began to understand that you could have peace in your life, if you take on the lifestyle that will provide it.

In doing so, you may have to walk away from some things. If you have already found yourself in a peaceful state of mind, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t found yourself at peace, listen to what I am saying. You may have to walk away from some things that you truly love with all your heart. But you HAVE TO TRUST THE PROCESS! You may have to uproot some things, relocate and alter the route you’ve been taking, or change the destination altogether.

You will have to come to that inherent point of closure that I spoke of earlier. If you want to achieve peace and go higher, you may have to let go of some things, leave the luggage/baggage/obstacles and hindrances behind. You may have to turn the chapter, close the book and return it to the library. You may have to give up some things. You may have to close some accounts, stop making deposits, stop payment on the payments, return the checks, give up the store credit, stop making withdrawals and pull the plug on the entire operation, which has caused you to remain in an un-peaceful state.

Now, you are able to move some things around in your life, in matter of importance, in matter of serenity, in matter of courage and in matter of wisdom. You have to step back and look at the whole entire picture, instead of pixel by pixel. The image and the photo of what you want will always be there and once you step back, you will see it. Trust the process.

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Ribbon Cutting and opening of The Dave Ward Building; the first ever Crime Stoppers Headquarters

I was happy to be apart of such a monumental and historical moment that took place in Houston, Texas; on Friday, January 27th 2017. It was after remarks from Crime Stoppers of Houston, that the official ribbon cutting and opening of The Dave Ward Building took place in front of the brand new, and first ever Crime Stoppers Headquarters in the world. The facility has been deservingly, named after ABC 13 KTRK, Dave Ward, who is the longest running TV anchor in history. The facility, at 3001 Main Street, was named in honor of Dave Ward, Guinness World Record holder, for his significant contributions to the organization. See photos from this event here. Photos courtesy of Crime Stoppers Houston

While it was cold and chill filled the air, we stood-by with gloves, hat and scarves; while we all anxiously awaiting this moment, which was once a vision on a rendering board, and now a reality, which finally came to fruition. While extremely surreal, it was indeed an honor and a pleasure to see this happen and to hear Dave Ward, the man himself, up close and personal, recite for the last time, his infamous tagline, that I used to hear on the television as a child: “Crime Stoppers will pay a one thousand dollar cash reward this week for information leading to the arrest and grand jury indictment of the person responsible.”

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In attendance, along with media sponsors and supporters of Crime Stoppers, north of 100, were the notables below:

Texas Lieutenant Governor DanPatrick

Texas Senator John Whitmire

State Representative John Zerwas

State Representative Tom Oliverson

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg

Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez

Dave Ward, Building Namesake

Capital Campaign Co-Chairs Fenner Weller and Kathryn Childers

Campaign Supporters and Community Partners

Crime Stoppers of Houston Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Staff

As well as representatives from top campaign donors:

The Fondren Foundation

The Cullen Foundation

The Hamill Foundation

Houston Endowment

CenterPoint Energy


Additional notable Houstonians who contributed $100,000 and above to the campaign

About this Historical Building:

Occupying an entire square block in Midtown, the new Crime Stoppers facility is also the City of Houston’s first Public Safety and Crime Prevention block and will serve as a hub for crime prevention – housing centralized Crime Stoppers operations, staff, volunteers, law enforcement, safe community/safe school programming and media outreach teams in a single three-story 28,000-square-foot building.

Each facet of the new Crime Stoppers headquarters will work to expand the organization’s community programming and serve its vital mission to solve and prevent crime. The organization recognizes that the community can play an active role in keeping themselves safe, therefore, the entire first floor of the building was designed specifically to service the community at no charge. This includes access to a 2,500 square foot multi-purpose community center that will be used for safety seminars and informational events; a victim’s family services room for families and investigators; press conference room and media editing areas equipped with on-site tools available to members of the media to relay important, time-sensitive information to news outlets.

Additionally and within a highly secure setting, law enforcement partners assigned to the Crime Stoppers Tip Line Program (713-222-TIPS) will have a dedicated space to answer the tip line and manage day to day operations.

Outside the facility, a 12,800-square-foot Harris County Sheriff’s Officers Memorial Garden will be built to pay tribute to heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. This serene memorial – the first ever of its kind paying tribute to fallen County officers, will be overseen daily by an on-site officer and welcome any and all to honor fallen heroes. Moreover, this inviting square will serve as a graceful addition to the revitalized Midtown Houston cityscape and constant reminder of the community’s commitment to crime prevention and resolution.

For information about Crime Stoppers of Houston or to give to the building campaign, please visit or contact Rania Mankarious at or 713-817-5678.

The Impact of Crime Stoppers of Houston:

Tip Line (713-222-TIPS): Working with law enforcement, has helped solve over 33,600 felony cases and arrest over 25,600 felony fugitives.

The Community: In 2015, the Safe Community Program reached nearly three million Houstonians on crime prevention and public safety with focused initiatives on human trafficking, domestic violence, child and animal abuse, cyber safety and more. Crime Stoppers is also responsible for the recovery of $196,441,551.27 in stolen property, cash and narcotics.

Students: Reaching students from pre-K through high school in over 28 Houston area districts, the Safe School Program is responsible for solving almost 2,000 school cases and removing almost 200 weapons from our children’s schools. The program just celebrated reaching its 1,000,000th student.

Protecting Law Enforcement: The Fallen Hero Project was created in 2013 to protect and defend law enforcement. When an officer or firefighter is injured or killed in the line of duty and the suspect(s) remain at large, Crime Stoppers doubles its cash reward to $10,000. Over the last ten years, Crime Stoppers has solved over 150 felony crimes against law enforcement, including seven police killings – the most recent being the nationally known cases of fallen Officer Darren Goforth and injured Officer Ann Carrizales.