has partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation-Here’s a Contest To Get Excited About

Breast CancerHere’s a contest to get excited about. has partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), to bring awareness in the month of October. Making travel plans out of the city? Going somewhere special or exciting, for a weekend getaway? Have you heard of I must say, when the idea came about, it was introduced to me by my dad. My dad is Mobile, Alabama’s biggest fan and advocate for settling down in the city. He has a plethora of knowledge about the city, and is constantly updating people on the growth of the city, the improvements Mobile has made in transportation to and from the city. I will admit, I was impressed to hear and see some of their newest ventures.

In so many words, he said this: provides safe, convenient and affordable daily express bus service between Mobile and Atlanta, Gainesville, Montgomery, New Orleans, Orlando and Tallahassee with free Wi-Fi and power outlets. Additional service to over 100 cities in North American. Purchase tickets and receive more information at Straight from the web, but it grabbed my attention.(laughs)

The idea of taking this megabus for a quick trip to the next few cities over, was again pitched to me through a friend who lives Houston. He suggested that we take a trip to New Orleans for the weekend, and take advantage of the inexpensive option that provides. With that, I was online searching.

I can think of so many ways in which this bus can service an individual, as well as groups, such as:

Singles Trip: It’s the easy answer to, how will we all get there and how much money can we save, so that we are able to drink more and drive less?

Couples Trip: Mix it up. Experience something different and live to tell about it. How many times, or when was the last time you committed to a trip out of town, where it did not include making flight arrangements?

Family Trip: Here’s where we explore the possibilities of saving money again. Large families are not always able to organize expensive flights. megabus provides options to take the guess work out of, how will we all get there.

It was a spooky idea at first, having never used any public transportation, city busses, subways, taxi cabs etc., except that one time I made the attempt to do so in New York, where I was left traumatized, after trying to figure out the subway system. However, upon further research and speaking with people who used the service, my mind was at ease.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October, and this is something to get excited about. This month, launched a nationwide contest in support of Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) encouraging people to share their story, or the story of a loved one affected by Breast Cancer who deserves a weekend getaway with a megabus of family and friends. For every contest entry during the month of October, will donate a dollar to BCRF, up to $10.000.

I was also interested in this partnership between and BCRF, because I have family members as well as friends, who are Breast Cancer survivors, who have a story to share. This contest gives them an avenue to share their stories and to inspire others, at the same time

The contest began on October 2, 2017. All entries must be submitted by October 31, 2017 at 11:59 P.M. CT. To participate, entrants must share their story of how they or a loved one has been affected by Breast Cancer, where they would like to go on their trip, and include a photo. Official rules can be found here

One winner will be awarded $5000 for a vacation with round-trip transportation included between any two cities served by megabus for up to 70 of their friends and family. The winner will be chosen and announced via social channels on November 15, 2017.

In addition to the contest, a Pink megabus will be traveling throughout the month of October and stopping in various cities including Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York, Albany, Boston and Baltimore.

Megabus is the first affordable, express bus service to offer city center-to-center travel for as low as $1 and operates service to/from more than 120 major cities in North America. Since its launch on April 10, 2016, has served more than 50 million customers. is a subsidiary of Coach USA, one of the largest transportation companies in North America.


A Quick List Of All The Things That Makes This Mom Happy and Things I Enjoy Doing

A list of all the things that makes this mom happy and things I like to spend my time doing

Writing – Writing is my favorite pastime and it was an interest that developed in the 6th grade, while attending Shades Mountain Elementary, in Birmingham, Alabama. I had all these stories in my heart, but did not know what to do with them. They developed from my imagination and ability to turn a house into a mansion or to see the forest spite the trees. I was confused … but I learned that it was simply the mind of a story -teller… and aspiring Author. A novelist. I used to be afraid to keep a journal, however. But when I got used to listening to what my heart had to say, I became more comfortable with writing it down in story form or poetic expressions and essays.

Blogging – Blogging was an interest that stemmed from writing of course. After I’d written a few short stories, ventured through books and poems, as well as harnesses a love for literature, I put it into a book. Then I began writing for a newspaper and supplied content for newsletters and select online publications here and there. After-which, I decided to camp out in the arena of blog life in 2009. It was another way to “report” and combine that with “expression” keeping everything authentic and very close to my style. I could write more freely in a blog, versus a Newspaper, because papers had word limits, and a lot of times you are given a topic and restricted to only articles about that topic.

Researching – Researching kind of goes hand in hand with writing and blogging, in my book. But for me, research did not begin after I began writing and blogging. I had an ardent desire to research things. I loved to get lost in a philosophy or a method, and I wanted to understand theories and thought processes. I had a keen sense to understand the mind over matter concepts and science related to the human brain and psyche. So, when writing and blogging came along, research was already there. I did not mind having to research a topic or having to read more literature on subjects that were interesting to me, to provide the most accurate information about whatever I wrote.

Traveling– Traveling is said to be the sure tell sign of a writer. Writers travel between characters and stories on a daily, allowing them to live in multiple worlds and in many situations. Aside from the mental sense and ability to tap into the psyche of a character they are writing about, writers are usually recluse or travelers, also known as wonderers. We have thoroughly covered the wonders of the world and have traveled to the four corners. If we have yet to do so in our careers thus far, you best believe that it’s on the bucket list. Traveling is something I crave. When I am in one place too long, I feel homesick, because being on the road is where I am most at peace with channeling my thoughts.

Drinking Wine– I am starting to see some stars aligning here, or is it the wine… LOL. J/K… Wine! Being just one more thing that seems to blend with writing and blogging. A glass of wine has been known to get the engine going for me in the writing game. When I am chasing a thought, or can’t quite put my finger on it to tie it down, wine is the triple hitter that drives it on in. In blogging, well…. Haven’t you heard of “blogging events” where wine is consumed? Lol Wine tastings, food and wine festivals, wineries and oh, don’t forget Sip-n-Draw; which is the wonderfully made art studio that allows you to drink while you draw their subject, and then blog about the experience.

Dancing – This must be my destiny! The Wine told me that I could do it. In fact, I have a flask that says, “You can dance”, Sincerely Wine. Oh, wait! I think it says, Sincerely, Vodka. Anyway, all the same. Dancing is something that happy people do. Enough said. When I am in a good mood or a bad mood, music is something that can get me up out of my bed, off the couch, out of a funk and into a dance. Occasionally it will get me out of the house too but into a lot more. So, long as we are not mixing the wine with the dancing, were good. But I won’t deny it…it has happened.

Going to a hole in the wall, private, exclusive after-hours spots with my favorite people –I am not always a recluse. Remember, I said I do love to travel, and even though a lot of that travel is through stories and characters, I do love to get out every once, in a while to enjoy a glass of wine away from the house, with a very tight few. More like one or two. Ok, just one… but then me meet other people while we are out and have a wonderful time. We don’t go out with the intent of finding new friends or having a pow wow, that’s why it’s a hole in the wall, exclusive and very private spot that we end up at. Something quaint and off the beaten path is just enough to call it a great night.

When I am doing none of the above, I am more than likely doing my most favorite thing of all, and that is hanging out with my little Prince Cornelius. The world is endless in his eyes and so are my experiences with him. He is a little prankster and a jokester, with a phenomenal sense of humor, who keeps me laughing. He has some days when he challenges me, so no its not all peaches and cream, but I would not trade it for anything else. Even when it means sleepless nights and early morning cartoons…Which tells me that he is still Numeral Uno on my list of favorite things, and things that make me happy, which are sure to put a smile on my face. This little one has taught me how to practice what I preach when I say, Love Unconditional. My Love